Masters of Defense Razorback

Oct 3, 1998
Just In- the fixed blade from the Power Rangers of defense. This is a very neat knife:
"Razorback" Personal Carry Knife
Overall Length: 8.4" - Blade Length: 3.85"
Weight: 0.22lb / 100G
The Razorback is a finely designed fixed blade fighting knife. The grip
is secure and the shape seems well designed for fighting and stabbing. A
quick-draw Kydex® sheath is included for belt carry (vertical only). The
handle is attached with allen screws and so it can be disassembled by
the owner. Materials are identical to the folders- hard coat aluminum
handle and 154CM steel blade.
The overall feel is: slim and forward thrusting. Reverse grip is solid and the balance feels good (I am no expert of knife fighting, but I can pass the knife between my hands and it is light and agile)
There is a groove on the top of the blade as well on both sides- and these are, I assume, blood grooves.
The handle has a guard buoilt in which makes the gip feel safer and more secure. I'll put in a poiinter to an image and see if it works. Sorry if this bogs things down. I will depend on our moderator's expertise here to either eliminate it or make it work right.
Howard Korn
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The Razorback seems to come from a very sound design philosophy. However, I've always wondered how well a person can actually twist the blade with a slim aluminum handle? I would love to hear if anyone's tested that. I've always thought if the handle is bent downward more, it would make the stab, the twist, AND the withdraw less of a gamble.

Also, although it makes perfect sense to make the blade slim, I wonder about the blade's lateral strength? How well would it hold up it real life? How thick is the blade?

That's about the best picture I've ever seen of the Razorback

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I finally got a chance to handle the Razorback. They are such wonderful knives, I wish our state allows conceal carry of these. I was easily able to do silent draws. The sheath seemed very durable, and yet was very efficient in size. And finally, because of the slim handle, I was able to complete wrap my fingers around, making it seemingly unlikely to be disarmed. (I viced the blade with my other hand and tried to disarm myself. Though not exactly scientific, I couldn't do it.) My nagging doubt about the blade's lateral strength was also somewhat put to rest when I realized just how thick the blade was (even had a generous blood groove within the spine of the blade).

Again, the only qualm was that metal handle did seem like it was going to slip and rotate with my hand. And again, I wish they had tilted the handle downward some.