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Jun 25, 1999
Just acquired Matt's Sunrise Fighter the other day and wanted to say how much I like the knife - all the good things everybody has been saying about Matt are true!!(hehe!) He does VERY impressive work for a relative "newbie" - actually very impressive compared to anybody - if the Sunrise I got is any indication of what is to come I forsee acquiring knives from Matt for many years - especially when he gets his J.S. & M.S. stamps. I'll be able to look at that knife & think how lucky I was to get a knife of his before he got famous & his backlog reached into the multiyear range.

The knife handles extremely well - it almost disappears in your hand - balance is near perfect & he knows how to design a handle that fits your hand and is extremely comfortable to use. I was surprised that it is fairly light weight for a larger knife - again adds to the wonderful feel. I used it to cut up some cardboard to make a temporary sheath until Kenny Rowe's arrives -knife works great - the cardboard didn't have a chance. That knife is SHARP!! SCARY SHARP!!!! The only knife in my house that might be sharper is my Randy Martin Wasabe and that is questionable. The blade is excellently ground - very even - wonderful shape and as I said before SHARP. Its been raining so I haven't had a chance to take it outside & check it out on some dead tree limbs that are inhabiting the backyard - maybe this weekend. I had to make a temporary sheath - it would be too dangerous to leave it uncloaked - you could cut yourself walking past the knife.

The guard & finish work around it is nice - extremely clean with no discernable gaps or visible imperfections - the attention to detail & execution is impeccable and bodes well for the future.

A mortised wood handle is not what I am used to seeing with wood - usually with stag - at first I thought it had a solid wood handle with stick tang but I was dead wrong. It is mortis cut & one of the best jobs I have seen - I had to really look at it closely to pick out the seams, they are almost undetectable. I would think a mortis cut would be harder with wood than stag in getting the sides to match up & this piece is a prime example of how it should be done - there are no discernable gaps or obvious filler spots on the seam or around the guard - again great attention to the little details that separate good knives from great knives.
The handle is a very attractive piece of Walnut with great pattern in the wood.

Did I mention that I like the knife? All-in-all it is a very nice piece of work that you can feel proud of Matt - it is first & formost a well-designed working, using knife that is well-made & finished. It is not fancy or flashy but exudes quality craftsmanship and function that I prefer since a knife is a cutting instrument/tool.

Bill Wentling

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I am glad that you like the Sunrise Fighter. The knife was a favorite of mine from the moment Matt handed it to me in Atlanta. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with the knife with the rest of us Blade Forumites


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I got to meet Matt at the Blade Show. He's a newbie? I wouldnt' have guessed from his work. If that's newbie stuff, then he's already way ahead of the pack. I have a Camp Bowie in 3v on order and I'm really excited to get it. Please post some pics of your Sunrise Fighter.

Thanks Bill! Got a 10" Sunrise on order. I was very excited to read what you had to say about the mobility and cutting efficiency of the blade. Exactly what I am hoping for! Sounds like I am going to get more than I expect from Matt. Really looking forward to this knife.

Is the clip of your knife sharpened? If so, what would you say about the sharpness of it?

Matt Lamey's knives are works of perfection on steel. The improvement and versitility of his knives over just the last year is unbelieveable.

An up and coming start in the knife world is an understatement if you ask me.

I have 3 Lamey's and hopefully a 4th this fall sometime.

~Greg Mete~
Kodiak Alaska
I got the handle the Sunrise fighter in Atlanta also. NICE KNIFE!! As a matter of fact, ALL of Matts knives I handled were awesome. I better get going and place my Lamey knife order before I have to wait a year or so,


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That has got to be one of the funniest typos yet! Usually they don't completely change the sentence so well...

Excuse me for correcting you, but that had me rolling...
It was a typo, right?

Anyway, I meant to say I got TO handle the Sunrise Fighter!!!!
The clip is sharpened though with a much thicker edge than the primary blade - it's sharp enough that you could inflict some nasty backcuts but it is heavy enough to handle light chopping. It seems to be be a near perfect balance between strength & sharpness - I personally want strength along the spine and to be able to do light chopping without beating up the primary edge in an emergency. It rained this weekend so I still haven't been out in the backyard with it yet but the balance of the knife in your hand is impressive, especially for a larger knife - it begs to be handled. I was handling/ playing with it all weekend and my wife said I had an evil grin on my face whenever I picked it up. Steve, you will like it I'm sure.

Thanks for the compliments guys. Im looking forward to making a few more, each getting better.

Hope to see some of you at the Spirit of Steel show in Mesquite, TX.


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Matt may be a newbie, but I am hearing a lot of fine things about the person and his work from quite a few oldbie's that he has worked with or that know about him.

It is good to see relatively new folks taking every aspect of knifemaking as seriously as Matt does.

" I am continually reminded of the rewards of dealing with custom knife makers and the custom knife community." Jeff J.

That Sunrise is a beautiful blade.
One question, where is the balance on this knife?


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Without having the knife at hand(they frown on big fighting knives in Gov't. offices!) it feels as if the balance point is just behind the guard. The blade feels light and extremely maneuverable but there is enough weight that you know it is there. The handle rests comfortably in the hand without feeling heavy so the knife literally becomes an extension of your hand.

I am planning to get out in the back yard this week & give it a test - will get back & let you know how it performs in the real world under actual use - not cutting rope & cardboard(not disparaging rope & cardboard as test subjects, just prefer real use with limited time have available).