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Medford 187DP - USER *SOLD

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Jan 4, 2018
Good evening BF,

Hope y’all are smack in the middle of a glorious weekend as you’re shopping blades. Today, I’m releasing this passed around MKT back in to the wild in the hopes of snagging another knife I’m really jonesing for that’s currently on the exchange. To that end, if the knife I’m hoping to grab sells before this does, I’ll be withdrawing this knife and adding it to my rotation instead.

MKT 187DP - user. I’ll call it a heavy user, since it’s been owned by multiple people, used, sharpened, and shows wear/scratches/scuffing on every surface. Both scales, the clip, and the blade all show signs of use. The blade also shows some oxidation spots & stains. Previous owner scrubbed the blade and removed a good amount of oxidation but there is still some on both sides of the blade. That being said, while she might not win any beauty contests, she’s got one hell of a nice action! Blade is well centered, deploys smoothly & with less effort than a new MKT, and unlocks with zero stick & falls shut. Truly, a very sweet MKT action. No box or papers with this one.
$OLD G&S fully insured & shipped USPS priority CONUS

Thanks for the opportunity BF, you know you rock!

65A66A95-3523-4AFF-8AAE-A2D20B4C0D00.jpeg 7B13F451-F0C2-40D0-87CA-75E881E9B9D8.jpeg B381D8E4-5C65-43DB-A5E7-437F8FDC8BE8.jpeg A74728E9-9A55-4028-8F79-D9D877B924A3.jpeg C1C56758-3B05-4996-8A5A-68B2E146919F.jpeg 6DF14AC8-6106-4D85-8748-8CD9C7AC36D4.jpeg 0C54B6F6-FE1C-4EB1-AB7F-F6E1C034AA75.jpeg
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