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Medford USMC Raider - New

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May 14, 2017
New, only opened for photos.

$850 plus tax new elsewhere
It’s slightly smaller version of the TBF maintains all the wicked attributes of the larger knife, with an easy-to-carry size. It has the same radical combo grind using flat grinding on the tip for strength and hollow grinding on the main edge for razor sharp use over the years. The serrations are double row and razor sharp. The hardened D2 hilt is a built-in crowbar and unbelievably tough. Finally, the through-tang knife completely disassembles for thorough cleaning with a single Allen wrench. Basically, it is the TBF in a smaller package.

Total length: 11.63in
Blade length: 6.5in
Width: 1.5in
Thickness: .250in

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$695 shipped and insured WITH SHEATH
First “I take it” had option to send funds

Trades welcomed


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