Meguire's car paste..okay for blades???

Aug 8, 1999
i was reading the back of the can of paste wax; is it okay to use on a blade like the carbon V Cold Steel kukri? it doesn't have anything in it to clean or anything like that, it's just the regular paste wax. what do the members of the forum think; could this work as a quick polish/protectant? thanks to all...

Personally I don't think there's anything wrong with your use of Meguires. I love the stuff for my cars. I just think that there may be better choices out there when looking at polishing and safeguarding blades. I use Flitz and similar products to polish. And on non stain resistant blades I use Tuff-Cloth to protect against oxidation.

I've heard of collectors and dealers using Renaissance Wax but nothing about any other brand like Turtle or Meguires, etc. This provides a barrier against oxidation but I'm not sure how well it works to polish things up and remove tarnish.


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