Miami Machetes: are they any good?


Jul 15, 1999
Hey I am wondering if the Bushmaster knives made by Miami Machete are any good or if they are just another over priced useless piece of steel. They are 420 stainless with RC of 52. Is that good or bad? Please help I really want a good bush knife but at a reasonable price. Geoff
I suggest you seriously consider purchasing a RTAK knife from Newt Livesay because it is large enough to be considered a small machete. He also makes a larger knife he calls a RCM (Recon Machete), that seems awesome, and I'll be ordering one from him in the future. I can't say anything for or against Miami Machetes, because I've never seen nor used one, however it seems unlikely that you'll find anything better than Newt Livesay's knives and machetes.