Microtech Mini-SOCOM


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Oct 4, 1998
I have always liked the look of the Mini-SOCOM and thought of it as a knife I would like to own someday. With the colored versions now available (I especially like the forrest green) and its approaching discontinuation, it looks like the time is now. The only problem is that's alot of money for a knife and I've already got another fairly expensive knife on order (REKAT Pioneer Drop Point). I know that Microtechs are high quality knives, but does anyone have any specific comments about the Mini-SOCOM, good or bad? Are the liner-locks consitently done well? I would appreciate any opinions or advice from owners of Mini-SOCOMs.

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I like the mini-Socom too.
I guess the best answer to your quality question is "there's different opinions".
I have a pre-production mini-Socom with the clear-T, plain edge blade. It's a great knife. Very tight, no blems, smooth-operating (it started out grainy), and very good looking.
I have a friend who knows his stuff, and he didn't like his pre-production Socom at all.
Also, I've heard mention of QC problems on the forums.
Apparently, the bottom fell out on the resale value of these knives as they are going for $120 or less. Everybody paid substantially more than that, so they are screwed on resale value. I bought mine to use. I like it, and its value is established with me.

On the colored models. You better hurry as these are limited to 300 (I think). I just got a silver (clear) one with black-T plain edge blade for $150 on an auction. They also had a forrest green and purple model. I would have snatched it up too, but it had a serrated blade. Discount Knives has several colored models, but I can't find the price or order # on their web-page.
BTW, you are going to love that Pioneer.
Later, Bill

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I for one i'm NOT a big fan of the mini socom,
must people that purchase one feel that the action is gritty, maybe it's not a big deal
but when i spend over 125.00 dollars on a knife i have certain expectations, and the mini has not met them, As bill said the knife has also not held is value, most other microtechs you can at LEAST get your money out of if you decide to sell them down the road assuming they are still NIB.
there has been a lot of talk about the overall qualitiy of the newer microtechs
HOPEFULLY the owner of the company has listened and address these issues.
In closeing let me say that i am somewhat anal about my knives(as most of us are)
for 150.00 i'm sure it will be a great user.
you need to understand that i dont use my microtech's for me they are a collectable only and because of that i prefer to collect the older microtechs
listen to bill he uses his mini socom maybe he can tell us how to tweek them to perfection

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Hey Bill and Archie,

If you look on the Discount Knife Page, click new items then scroll down about halfway to the Baby Socom,click on that and you will see the colored mini. Nice price too.

(I couldn't find it at first either)

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I currently own three MT Socoms, one of them is a mini Socom. In my experience the mini Socom is an exact smaller executed copy of the full sized Socom. I think it is also on of the best handling knives, either right or left handed, in that size for a production piece. I found the action on all my Socoms to be consequently smooth and did not experience any quality problems. But let me suggest you get a full sized Socom, I almost forgot my Benchmades after I got this knife!