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Microtech Mini-Socom


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Oct 2, 1998
I thought I'd give a real quick review of the Mini-Socom I just received.

First of all, let me say I have never been particularly fond of Microtech products. I have never owned one before this, but have handled them at several knife shows. I have seen the ravings from other forumites, but have also been informed of some quality control problems by some of my forum brothers. I always thought they were for "collectors" not users such as myself, and felt they were somewhat "elitist" knives. I also have never felt they exuded any more quality than my Spydercos or BM's. I will admit though that this little Mini-Socom has changed my mind. I am impressed! It is as solid as any knife in my collection, and came as sharp as any of my Sebenzas or Spydercos. It locks up solid with no play, and after giving it my liner-lock tests, it came through with flying colors. The only true complaint I have is that it opens and closes "stiffly". This could be a result that the example I have is Black-Ti coated and needs to be "worked in". In closing I would like to say "good job" MT and if you keep this quality at such a reasonable price, (I paid $120.00, and they are available around that price range on the Net), you will have many "blue collar" fans.
I have one of the pre-production mini Socoms. I paid around $160, immediately took the clip off (which displayed the s/n) , and had to work it in a bit too. It was stiff and grainy. Maybe it was the clear-T coating or something. Anyway, I wasn't too impressed at first, but this knife has really grown on me.
The craftmanship convinced me to take the leap and buy a Socom D/A. I'm crazy about this knife, BTW.
The little Socom is the ONLY bead-blasted blade that I've ever really liked. The clear-T is great stuff, IMO. No fingerprints, and it wipes smooth.
I also picked up a MOD Trident a few weeks ago. This is one cool knife ! The balance is exceptional. It is not a quick knife and wasn't intended to be with its heavy blade.
It is silky smooth, and the oversized thumb studs are very comfortable. The feeling of the blade as it returns to the handle is alot like the large Sebenza. I know this knife is not a MT., but it bears mention as it sure looks and feels MT.
I've decided to just wear it out opening and closing it to excess, and otherwise enjoying it.
Good to see you around again.

Talk is cheap. Free speech is not.

Thanks bud, good to be around again. This new job I've taken up here is brutal, but I'm back.

I like the Mini-Socom so much that I want a D/A version. Maybe for now I'll have to try the full size D/A Socom. Thanks for the pics of your Cheyennes. They are truly beautiful knives. Thanks for the tip on the MOD Trident. I'll check it out.
I felt as you did prior to my first MT purchase. I to have changed my opinion on a company that likes charge big $$ for their products. I think their non-autos are worth every cent, and I've paid too much on some occasions. You, my freind have a great knife for $120. The action is very stiff on mine as well and it has been worked it's share. My solution; either loosen the hex or develop an overly powerful thumb. I chose the latter, and it's not a strength issue but more of rythm when opening my mini. I never loosened the blade I got used to it, and you'll be glad you did the same thing ...because your friends won't ask to handle your knife all the time and paw it up!..My friends who like knives think I'm some kind of pro because I can open my mini when they can't. Accept a good thing. By the way, my MA full size socom is easier to open and has been handled less. Now that's a knife, a must after you own a mini and the blk ti is blk not a dark gray(blk ti)like the mini. I still think their DA Socoms are very desirable but for the $$, there are equally built atlernatives at a fraction of the price in my opinion.


a reminder that tightening the spline on any microtech does not tighten (nor can you loosen) the blade. they are designed with fitted bushings and the 'chicago type' through spline pin when tightened 'stops' on itself before squeezing or piching down on the blade. several other knives are made this way. i believe the sebenza, edi genesis and i am sure others (you can help me here) ps, i found out the hard way. while trying to tighten the blade on a full size socom i stripped the spline screw and had to have it removed and replaced by microtech. the bushings were also replaced and the blade play was then, absolutely zero. dmc