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Microtech SOCOM Elite

May 9, 2000
Since the SOCOM Elite does not appear om the Microtech WEB page I was wondering if anyone could inform me as to where I may read about and see pictures of this knife. Anyone with any personal thoughts about this knife, please let me know what you think. Thanks
Hi there!

Skip over to www.microholics.com there is pic's and a lot to read 'bout Microtech knives.

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I don't like the Socom Elite auto as much as the DA Socom. The DA's action is smoother. However, there are many qualities of the Elite that I like, such as the thicker blade, handle design, and blade lock (a quality of the manual version -- the auto version uses the firing button as the blade lock). If I needed to choose between auto versions, the DA Socom would be my choice, but the jury (my jury) is still open on the manual versions.

As for the specs, they're about the same as the Socom. A 4" or so blade, 154CM blade, hard anodized aluminum handles, and so on.
Thanks 2Sharp for the tip on Microholics. I read a lot of posts, signed up and purchased my first Microtech knife. They seem like a great bunch of guys.
Thanks for the Microholics tip.
Bought an Elite and love it.
By the way any automatic knife is against the law to carry in Canada. What a shame.
I just finished an Elite Auto pic and put it up on 1SKS - you can see it at http://www.onestopknifeshop.com/store/microtech-socom-elite-auto.html

Big beefy knife, and the price is definately right... Yet another step in the right direction from Microtech - Now if they can only come out with a sub $200 OTF, everything will be good with the world.


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