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Microtech Vector

No disrespect to Joe Pirela(the designer) but I really don't like the vector design. I saw the original fixed blade that sold about a month ago at that other place, and it was good. Nice hooked blade, and good(looking
anyway) handle design. I was excited when I heard that it was being produced by MT.

Then I saw the vector
The smooth curve of the blade has been replaced by this odd, fragmented edge, as if someone melted a Wharcliff blade over a fire. It lost most of the useful curve of the blade, but still has enough of an edge dropping down to get in the way of long, full edge cuts. The interesting pattern of three holes, decreasing in size has been replaced with three large ovals, which serve no purpose(as there is a thumb stud).

Ah well, that's enough complaining for now.
ps these opinions are mine, based only on pictures and information, I have not yet seen one of these in real life. If you want to provide one, I'll give you more datails on my likes/dislikes.

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