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Midwest Industries AK Handguards, Khyber Customs Slotted + Glock, AR, AK parts

Discussion in 'For Sale: Gadgets & Gear (Individual)' started by uofaengr, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. uofaengr


    Jan 9, 2014
    Please take questions to PM. I can provide additional pictures if requested. Good discounts with combined shipping available for multiple items since I’d like to move this stuff, just ask. Willing to deal on anything you see here. Terms of payment are PayPal G/S with no comments. Crossposted so timestamp wins.

    Trade offers entertained
    AR, AK related items
    Mags, ammo


    Midwest Industries AK Handguards - sold
    These came factory installed on my SAM7R and are a direct take-off. I’d say they’re 99% condition as this gun sat in a safe for years before I bought it recently. Comes with all mounting hardware. Will fit stamped or milled AKs and felt extremely solid when they were mounted.


    Bulgarian AKM wood lower HG - very nice condition - $25 shipped

    Khyber Customs Slotted AKM Upper HG - SOLD


    AR Spare Part Package - $30 shipped
    USGI barrel nut
    (2) Milspec standard safety levers
    Seekins Precision bolt catch
    A2 pistol grip
    Ergo pistol grip

    (1) Vickers Tactical Extended Magazine Catch for Gen 4 Glock 20,21 size pistols and (1) Vickers Tactical Extended Magazine Catch for Gen 4 Glock 17,19 size pistols – $22 shipped for both, $10 for both with the purchase of anything else
    Both of these were briefly installed and removed because they’re not my cup of tea. The one for the 17,19 had a little sandpapering done to it because it was catching on something in my frame, but sold as is.

    Romanian WASR 10 stock, handguards, pistol grip - $25 shipped OBO
    Direct take-offs of a new manufactured WASR I bought this year. The stock does have a crack on the top from where I hit it on the sides while trying to remove it from the receiver. Could be a practice repair project for someone or if they just want the buttplate and swivel removed I could do that and trash the stock. The handguards and pistol grip are fine. Willing to work with someone if they want this, but don’t want to just throw it out.

    UTG Picatinny Clamp Mount - $5 with the purchase of anything else.

    (2) 14x1 LH slant brakes - $10 for both with the purchase of anything else
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