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Military NUT..

Oct 5, 1998
Well I have to agree, I've had my Military for 4 day's now and it is all what I've heard and read about. Havent found anything bad to report about it yet, other than I like it much better to my Benchmade 975SBT. Good thing too because I had to make the choice between this and the new BF Native knife. I got my Military for the same price I would have paid for the Native...I still want one though, Oh well...too many knives not enough money.

You got a good knife there so don't worry about the choice. If I had the choice between the Military in 440v and the Native in 440v I would pick the Military. I hope I use that Native but it already looks like such a pretty knife that I wonder if I will do anything with it. The Military screams at me to use it. I have had mine since November and I haven't even had to sharpen it yet with moderate use. Just a stropping here and there. It's just a great knife.

It always feels good to pick a winner, huh?



I have both the Military and the BM 975 and I love them both. Of course if I had to choose I would take the Military. As it is the Military is my primary carry and the 975 is put away since they are harder to come by now.

You're right, the Military does scream to be used, actually I think it demands to be used. Either way it's a great knife.

God bless!

Romans 10:9-10

"Military" Fans Unite!!