Mineral Mountain White River bowie Review

Jan 11, 2001
Here is a short but sweet review of this awesome blade:

1. Shaved hair off my arm
2. Built a shelter in the woods, including chopping down support posts from 3" tree/saplings
3. Shaved hair off my arm
4. Cut hanging hemp rope up, I stopped at 4, 1" for a total of 4" hemp rope (sort of like Cold Steel does), cut no problem.
5. Bought a leg of lamb and totally destroyed the thing - chopped through in one time (not through the thickest part). Stabs were wicked, back swipes with the false edge were scary awesome, slashes went to the bone and into the bone.
6. Sharpened with steel to bring back edge.
7. Cut through 2X8, very similar to using my Granfor Bruks axe.
8. Shaved hair off my arm (people are starting to look funny at me)
9. Went through some drills and the blade balances 1" in front of the guard.

There is nothing like 12" of razor sharp steel with momentum........brings a tear to the eyes and a smile to my face.

The sheath was nice, but I am planning to get a concealex sheath from On Scene Tactical or maybe I can see what John Gonzalez can do for me in leather - I hear it is pretty nice.

I must say thanks to John Gonzalez, as he provides a great service at a great price. I plan on ordering many more of Mineral Mountain Hatchet Work products through John - my wife is going to kill me......

I do not have a digital camera, maybe John will post a picture of this blade.

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Wow. Thanks for the great review, Matt! I'm glad you like it. Unfortunately, I don't have a good picture of the White River Bowie, but here's a group Bowie pic (it's the one on the bottom):

As aways, it was a pleasure to do business with you. I hope you enjoy your Intergral Guard Fighter as much as the WR Bowie (let me know!).

John Gonzalez
Exclusive Dealer
Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works

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As for as me making a leather sheath, I don't think I'm ready to start selling them (yet?). I'm still a novice, and I doubt my sheath work could do justice to any MMHW knives! Maybe one day though!

John Gonzalez
Exclusive Dealer
Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works
On a related note, Mineral Mountain has introduced several new knives in a "design your own" variety of options. You pick the blade style, handle style (shape and color), blade finish, and Kydex sheath color. OA length on these knives are 11.5". A great, inexpensive way to put together a quality knife to suit your fancy. Check them out HERE.

John Gonzalez
Exclusive Dealer
Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works