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Mini Photon or Mag Solitare

Dec 20, 1998
I've seen a lot of posts about these mini photon lights, but never seen one. I'm wondering are they brighter than the AA Maglight Solitaire? I can see that they are smaller, and the click switch seems better than the twist on the Mag.
Just wondering and thought someone could "shed a little light" on the subject. Bad pun intended.
Go with the Photon Light for being dinky and practically weightless, and for longevity. Go with the little MagLite if your're going to get it soaking wet.


I replaced my AAA Solitare with a yellow PhotonI. It puts out more light but in a narrower beam. It`s also more "pocketable" on my keys,I like the switch better than the twist cap,and the batteries last just about forever. The last time I needed the maglight the batteries puked after a few minutes and left me in the dark and I hadn`t used it very much before that. I guess the batteries were just old,not prob with the photon`s lithium batteries. I`m replacing it with an orange Photon II for a little wider beam and the constant on switch. I liked em so much I`m retailing them at my shop now. Give em a try I think you`ll like em. Marcus
Nah Greg,wish I did! I have an antique and classic car restoration shop ( do some hot rod work too). My office/customer area is strewn with automotive antiques which I sell from time to time. I also carry some items I think would be of interest to my clientele like the Photons. BTW I can`t sell em quite as cheap as some of the places on the net so they`re over the counter only from me. I can hook people from the forums up with my wholesaler though if they want to order some. Marcus
Let me know if you ever want to get rid of a classic Chevy from the 50's, they're only my dream cars.....


(Still kicking himself for not buying the '57 Chevy when he had the chace)

Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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I hate both my Solitaires. They break, they aren't that birght. Big. Dofficult to turn on. Batteries die.
Photons rock. Tough. Small. Easy to turn on with NO fumbling. Long battery life. Bright.

I keep getting more and more Photons all the time. I think I am going to order a bunch of them as Christmas presents for next year (anyone know where I can get bulk discount? Email me). Curently I own a few Red Photon Ones and Green Photon Two. Green is MUCH brighter, red is better for sneaking around the house and not waking people. Next on the list: Turquoise and Orange!
Now, every morning, especially if I will be out anywhere near dark, I clip my Photon on my belt as reliably as my pocket knife. Photon goes on left for left handed viewing while the right hand does work. It is incredibly handy at the oddest of times.