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Miracle Blade infomercial

Mar 1, 1999
A few years ago I remember an infomercial claiming that their product, Miracle Blade, would never get dull. Back then i didn't know much about knives and didn't really pay attention. I remember the knife cutting through marble, slabs that looked like concrete (i doubt it really was concrete), and old leather boots, and after all that it would still slice a tomato. Pretty impressive for stuff you'd only use to cut food with. They had a guarantee that their blades would never ever become dull. How could they achieve this? Was it a straight out lie? Interested in hearing your coments.

Remember the Ginsu knives. It's the same basic theory. Make extremely agressive serrated knives and they will appear to cut like crazy for a long time. I have experience this with the CS serrated knives, and their serrations(which I hate).
Well that company does not advertise anymore from what I know. Is this a clue?

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I saw an infomercial this weekend that meets Johnny's description perfectly. Only the host claimed that not only did the serrations cut forever and never need sharpening, but they also created "air pockets" between the knife and the media being cut. The benefits of air pockets must be familiar to all you knife knuts out there in forum land. It supposedly keeps large pieces of cheese from sticking to the blade. Only problem was that he had a hard time keeping the cheese from sticking to the blade. I could not contain my laughter at this brilliant marketing concept. Spyderco are you listening :>


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Biginboca - the hole in the blade is an "air pocket". donchanonuthin?
Yea, I had a serrated voyager. Cut like a pocket chain saw at first. That was till most of the "teeth" broke off! Impossible to sharpen!