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Mission MPU in 440 steel...anyone?

Feb 5, 1999
I see the forums store has these on a special deal for us. Has anyone had a chance to handle this model? It looks like Mission makes a fine knife. I would appreciate any feedback from those who know.
I'm also waiting for a review!

I know it's about half the retail price but, I just can't see spending that much on this knife.

I just made one into a neck knife, which is the one you see in the pics. We also will be adding 550 Paracord so you can make yours into a neck knife and put a lanyard on. In the neck knife position the lanyard gives you added grip for pulling the knife out of the Kydex sheath.

I have played with mine, although I have yet to cut anythng with it. It is very comfortable to hold, which is rare in skeletonized handles. The thumb ramp adds for a secure grip and tip control. Overall I love it as it is big enough to actually use for darn near any purpose. Hince the MPU designation.

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Mike Turber
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Can someone comment on the quality of the knife. I know there's not much to it! But, what i'm interested in are things like the grind symmetry, finish, etc.

I'm thinking about getting one but, I just can't see how it is "worth it". To me, it's worth about $25 or $30 instead of the $80 closeout price.


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Can someone post a link to this knife? I stumbled around the "store" and found several things but, not this knife.