Mission photos.

Oct 3, 1998
We are waiting on the MPK-A2 production sheaths to begin shipping production knives. They should be in soon. The sheaths are by Scott Evans and are among the best sheaths we have seen. Tim Wegner is making the sheaths for the MPS. Both makers have been a pleasure to work with and were able to build what we asked for over the phone. Designs were finalized during the SHOT show and production sheaths are starting to flow in - actually they already are in for the MPS. Here are some photos - notice the 10-1/2" MPK!



I edited the pics because one was over 100K. Please try to keep pics below 25k and no more than 50k. It helps us keep our bandwidth charges down. Thanks..

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Forgot to mention.....
Both sheaths are ambidextrous - can be worn on either side of the person. The MPK sheath retaining strap even twists around to allow front-break or rear-break opening. The MPS sheath in the photo is missing the belt loop attachment that actually comes with the knife. It can be screwed on from either side allowing ambidextrous wear.


Interesting! These augment the pix over in the Reviews Area. I do note that the MPKS 10 3/8" shown here has a lanyard hole. Mine doesn't. Has there been a design change or was it just that my early model simply doesn't have the hole? No biggie... just curious.


Cliff - The 3 knives are;
top) 9" MPK, about 4" blade
mid) 10-1/2" MPK, about 5-1/2" blade
bot) 12" MPK, about 7" blade

Bald1 - That knife was coordinated by John as a "test the market and see what happens" knife. In his rush to get the knife out, he forgot to drill the lanyard hole.

Sid Post will be one of our big dealers and will be getting the first knives in the first run of production MPKs.

We are currently waiting on sheaths from Scott Evans. If enough people "go bang on Scott's door" maybe he will put a higher priority on the MPK sheath and then we can get these knives shipping. The knives are done awaiting sheaths.

The 10-1/2" MPK is my favorite. It has a great balance and weight, and also the same great handle as the standard MPK-Ti. I really like the way the coating came out, and I can tell (by sharpening them) that the A2 steel is really going to perform!

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Thanks much for the kind words above. As far as being a priority … the Edge-Works team is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Mission knives. The MPK series is absolutely among the most rugged knives ever made and I am not surprised in the least at the demand for the new A-2 versions. No doubt that you have a winner on you hands there.

In keeping with your requirements for a top quality rig that is also priced to keep the MPK package affordable we have engineered in several advances to our process. The advanced Tooling package will be well worth the wait. As you know the tool-up phase is the most critical and time consuming portion of any production project. As soon as we have this tooling we will be sending sheaths your way.

In the mean time I will be sending you batch quantities of a ‘Semi-Production” version of the same sheath. This sheath involves much more hand work but is made to the same standards.
Did you hear that?
Sheaths are on their way!
Believe me, it is well worth it to wait for this high quality "package".

And, it's really a great honor to work with high quality people like Scott E. and Mike T.

Thanks again guys,

PS, Sid, you better up your order!
Rick, are all these blades neutral balanced in both the A2 and Ti versions? What are the costs for each? Any plans for doing a longer knife say in the 10" blade class?

The 12" MPK-Ti is neutral balanced.
The 10-1/2" MPK-A2 is neutral balanced.
This is due to the weights of the metals.

10" blade. It is really an issue of economics, i.e., demand. If there are customers that would really want us to make a 15" overall length MPK-A2, then we'll do it. I think that would be an awesome piece!

What do the bladeforum members think?
Should Mission build a 15" (10" bladed) MPK?

We look forward to hearing from you.
So Rick can I assume that the 12" A2 version is a bit blade heavy? If so that is great. The neutral balance of the 12" Ti is a bit of a let down, I was considering getting one of these from Sid.

In regards to big blades, I for one would like to see a 15" version. What would be the (rough) projected costs for the A2 and Ti versions or that length?

That 9 inch model with the 4 inch blade looks really nice! What kind of sheath comes with it, does it allow for multiple carry options? Or is the sheath a smaller version of the sheath that accompanies the three knives in the photo?

I am with Cliff on this one. A 15 inch MPK would be awesome.