MNK-1 a mini neck knife by Lynn Griffith

Cliff Stamp

Oct 5, 1998
I bought this as I wanted to start wearing a fixed blade to work and this knife caught my eye when I was visiting Lynn's website. The review can be seen here :

It does its primary purpose very well. I have yet to run into someone who reacts badly to the blade. Most people tend to think it is "cute" and are surprised to find that I actually do use it to cut things with. It was also far more useful as a cutting tool that I had figured it would be.

Thanks Cliff, for another excellent, amazingly thorough review. I particularly enjoyed it since I just ordered an MNK-1 from Lynn last night…it’s always reassuring to have your choices validated by an expert.
Cliff-How do you measure the grind angle? I`ve seen you spec that out in your reviews and I`ve always wondered how you did that.

Hey Cliff, I really enjoyed reading your review of your MNK-1. That sounds like a neat little knife.
One thing that you mention is the length of the handle, and the need to have a longer one. I didn't mention it in my review of the SUB Texan, but the handle was the main reason that I had held off on a Griffith. I didn't have a need for the Sniper/Texan size (plenty of want, not enough need
), and the MNK's handle were just too small. IMO, the SUB Series fixes the handle problem in SPADES, while still maintaining a very small knife. With my SUB Texan sheathed, I placed it next to my BM710. The entire package is about 1/4 inch (6-7 mm) longer than the closed BM710, but of course a lot lighter. Easy for pocket carry. Plus, the SUB series is available in all Lynn's standard blade types, plus a new one, called the Rhino Pup (which can't quite be described; it has to be seen).

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Thank you so much for taking the time to do such a thorough review. I know you must have incredible amount of man hours put into it. Your review was very well written, and very fair. I have taken your suggestions, and put them in to play. The MNK's are being discontinued. I still have some available, but when they are gone, that is it. To replace the MNK's is the S.U.B. Series, which incorporate the longer handle, micarta as the base handle (instead of cord wrap, the double ground blade, and thinner bevels (all suggestions that you made. I think they are everything you suggested I could do to make the MNK's better.

I really do appreciate all your feed back.

Thanks again,

Lynn Griffith-Knifemaker

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Rockspyder :

IMO, the SUB Series fixes the handle problem in SPADES, while still maintaining a very small knife.

My feelings exactly, I noted this towards the end of the review and linked to your review of the SUB Texan.

Lynn, thanks, and the SUB's sound excellent. I will drop you an email about getting one this summer or the fall.

I agree that the SUB series is the perfect answer to the MNK's short grip length. They look like about the perfect small carry size for a fixed blade, and the materials used are all quality. Lynn has great pics of these (and all his models) posted on his website.
Yes, and I have a Griffith "sub" the cadet to be exact, But with the MNK (I have a #2) I slip it into a credit card slot in my wallet (sans kydex sheath) and I can yank it out by the lanyard. Can't do that with a long handled knife !

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