MOD collection...too small!

Oct 27, 1998
I recently attended a Gun & Knife Show, no offense intended to all the great dealers on the net, but I had to see some knives in person. Wow the MOD series are a bunch of minis! Too small for my taste and I was so set on buying one from a pic. These may be high quality knives but I'll spend the extra $30 and buy a full size Socom every time! Anyone see the new Dalton knockoff of the Halo. Dalton knives are incredible but I wouldn't want this new side cocking front opening tactical to go off in my pocket...ouch! Sorry, didn't catch the name of it, I only know I havn't seen any posts on it. Interesting design but seems like it would get clogged with all kind of debris and the exposed spring just looks a little too fragile. On the other hand the new Dalton California style was quite impressive...almost bought it for my wife. But she'd probably cut herself by hitting the button just pulling it out of her pocket or purse. Walked away with a steel on a Socom and Spyderco alum. cricket for the wife. After all Tony(MT) was there in person!
OK Salmon you are obviously in south Florida. The OTF Dalton is called the Cupid. I have a knock off of his actual HALO knock or CFO knock off. I agree about the mini MOD's but if you have medium sized hands, like me, they fit pretty good.

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Hi Mike,
Thanks for the info., but I'm not sure it was a cupid. The knife opened and closed like a cupid but it had a tanto blade with blood grooves? I haven't seen one of those before, maybe your right I could be sheltered! Anyway, your probably right about the MODs, I guess I was just a little dissapointed! I'll probably buy a hornet at some time or another...just to have a well rounded collection. Thanks for the response.