MOD Hornet for $90??

Aug 18, 2002
Don't know anything about MOD knives. What can anyone tell me about this knife? A local place has it on closeout for $90. Is that a good price? Thanks for any info.
MOD makes good stuff!

As long as you like that design, it is a great buy at that price.
Yeah thats a great price. The Hornet was the MOD collaboration with James Keating and MOD has a very good reputation for quality products. Any chance your local place does mail order?
Heck, buy it, and if you don't like it, you could easily get rid of it here. Let me know (by email) if you need to get your money back. :D (seriously)

Hello send me an email with the store name and phone number if you will. WOuld love to pick one up at that price. keepem sharp
OK, I picked it up this morning. So far it seems OK - kinda like a heavy duty mini-socom. Blade sharpness is a little disappointing and the action is alittle stiff.

Anyway, the Victorinox store in West Hartford, CT is selling all MOD for 50% off. I picked up the last Hornet, but they have a whole bunch of other models left including autos. I dunno if they do mail order or not. Telephone number is 860-521-1806. The guy also said the White Plains NY store is also clearing them out. That store's # is 914-428-8473.
Thanks for the info. Just ordered a Tempest pse in satin finish. They only have two left and only in pse and for 90 bucks I figure I can't go wrong. The store in NY doesn't carry the line or they aren't on sale if they do. So lets see for Xmas I bought myself one CS trailmaster, first issue CRKT M16 pe, MT SOCOM elite pe mini, and a blue handled mini grip drop point and my brother in law got me a HD Carter knife on closeout to go with my Electra Glide. My wife will love this :rolleyes: Merry Xmas and keepem sharp.