MOD Hornet

May 20, 1999
I am going to buy either the Hornet or the Calypso Jr. this week and I would like to get your opinions on either knife. Good and bad pionts?



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Hornet has excellent lock and is extremely well made. Pricey, but LOTS of thought went into design. Not an ideal knife for chores, blade design is clumsy for daily activity if you are used to standard clip point or similar style. Holds edge very well and you will not slide onto edge with its handle. It can protrudes to far out of my pocket depending on the pants I am wearing, but that is a matter of taste. Handle HURTS when thrust into substantial target. Lots of blade for the handle. I would like to see a four inch bladed model.

Calypso...only held one. Did not like how my paws seemed to rest right on the blade/ handle juncture. Did not buy it for that reason, but the larger model is excellent fit for large hand.

Hope this helps
I have used a Hornet for about a year now and am very happy with it. There is a lot of blade there for the size.It carries well in the pocket of my dress slacks or jeans and as a straight knife with a Frank Sigmon Kydex sheath. The edge holding has been very good with touch ups fast and easy with my DMT round Diamond hone. If you are looking for a primary utility knife though, I prefer the Trident.



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