MOD Opinions?

Oct 3, 1998
Hello all,

I saw them on special so I think it maybe the time to buy one. Anyone have one?

The Tempest

The Trident

The Hornet


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There's a review of the MOD Trident at
<a href=""></a>. I have seen a couple references to the knives as being "Microtech quality". Do these knives have any relation to Microtech, or is that just a complement.

I too am interested in any other feedback or reviews, especially of the Ladyhawk.


I have two Tridents and love them very much. Basically I am sold on the design. Nice mid size folder with a comfortable handle, non threatening and highly useful blade shape, and overall high quality of construction. If you are looking at getting a knife that would serve mainly as a heavy duty utility knife, I would recommend looking at the Trident.

It is my understanding that MicroTech helped with the engineering phase of the knives and that was it. They no longer have any ties to MOD. And yes, their quality is equal to that of MT.

Dexter Ewing
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I have both a Hornet and a Trident. The Trident goes in my right back pocket next to the seam and the Hornet goes into my left back pocket next to my wallet.Sometimes I wear one of them open in a Kydex iwb sheath from Frank Sigmond. The Hornet works well in reverse grip. This is why I carry it next to my wallet. No,I do not fear pick pockets. The quality of both is excellent for production knives and the blade to handle ratio is what I like. More blade less handle.They are both pleasing to the eye.

Blue Skies,

I have a Hornet and bought it three days after they hit the stores. I called White Wolf to complement them on the quality of manufacture and sent Keating E-mail to tell him I love the design. I have a size 10 or eleven hand and the grip is a mite small for me but you cannot fault the handle for that, simply bear it in mind. The Tempest fits well as does the Trident, so keep either of these in mind should you have a large hand.

The Materials and manufacture are simply first rate, better production is hard to be found. The knives do sound a little odd locking up if you are used to Spyder or BM, but this is my opinion only. The locking bar is one of the most solid locks I have ever seen and the blade to handle ratio of the Hornet is really good. It is also around three inches and of a profile that the fuzz do not mind it. It cuts and cuts and cuts anything, and other than handle length I have only two gripes:
1) the opening stud tends to pinch me if I open it in a reverse grip. This is my not being used to it.
2) it protrudes well out of the pocket. If you wear jeans daily, no sweat, but I have to be a little less casual, so I will not carry it daily.

You could do a lot worse for a NICE pocket knife. If you buy the non-serrated model, it is even airline friendly.

Whitewolf told me that MicroTech was involved in design, but not manufacture of the knives. Quality-wise, they are in same ranking, but my nod goes to MOD for use of 154-CM, an American Steel from which ats-34 was cloned. At the time I bought mine, MicroTech was using ATS-34. No criticism here, as my favorite daily carry is Endura, but I liked the idea of it being All-American.
I have 3 of the MOD knives. Like Dexter, I have two Tridents (manual and auto) and a Lady Hawk. The manual knives are great but the Autos are magnificent. The only anology to the feel when you press the button on the Auto Trident is that of shutting a Mercedes-Benz automobile door-SOLID. While these knives don't have the beauty of a Microtech, they have a wonderfull ruggedness quality that the Microtechs don't have. In my opinion, the Trident has to be the finest folding knives ever created.

Don't quote me on this, but I heard that the people that started the MOD line came from Microtech or had designed part of the Microtech line. This may be just a rumor, but it's what I heard.
It is a rumor. Nothing more.

Like Dexter said the MOD line was designed by Microtech. The only knive made by Microtech are the prototypes. All the itehr knives are made in NC. No one left Microtech to start this project. It is simply a project that was started between Jim Ray and Tony Marfione.

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What is the EXACT blade length of the hornet?
The reason for asking is that I might be going to UK for some months and it seems as they have a limit of 3" (7,62 cm) on folders.
I am very tempted in getting one of those Hornets.

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Thanks clyde!

What got me doubtful regarding its blade length was that I have seen some info at some website claiming the Hornets blade was 3.1"

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Cousin Cinnamon

Regarding blade lenght for the UK.

I was in Police Station a few weeks ago (thankfully not on the receiving end) and was reading a home office poster regarding knives.

It said, basically, that you can't carry a knife without good reason except a "small folding pocket knife with a cutting edge of less that 76mm"

I have always followed the 3" blade rule but this cutting edge bit was very interesting interesting as it opens up a lot more knives for carry.

However the big downer is that case law seems to comimg to the conclusion that if a blade locks it is not a folder sic.

However I am still carrying 3" locking blades.

Harvey Wareham

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Mr Wareham, than you very much for the information. Just by curiosty I examined your profile, and saw you're living in Reading. I am either going for Sema Group in Reading or some other computer related business in Exmouth during my three months of practice this summer. If it is the very same Reading, Perhaps you'll see me around

Tea drinker and hellraiser from Northern Sweden, above the arctic circle.

Yeah, James Keating`s Hornet has taken some heat for having such a small blade. Personaly, I think that a small blade can have an advantage in some situations. If you feel the situation calls for it, you can hold it hidden in your fist as you walk down the street. If you need it, it`s already in your hand.

Also as mentioned, the shorter length means it can go where a bigger knife might be illegal. I`m trying to get into the Army, my GED and some trouble I got into a long time ago are giving me trouble, but I hear that you can`t cary a knife with a blade longer than 3 inches on a military base. I`m looking at getting a Hornet to replace my 4" Buck lockback. I`m not sure how comfortable I am with a linerlock, though. It may be strong, but I`ve had bad experiences with both linerlocks and pocket clips.
I think the MOD's are a great value. Very well built good feel and fit for my hand. I don't have the hornet yet but soon
I would recommend tempest and trident , for under a 100.00 you just can't go wrong.