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MOD Razorback feedback.........


Jan 31, 2001
hi - dont see many posts on MOD, and havent seen any on the razorback - i have 2 of them, 1 for me and 1 for my wife, and we both love them - they could improve the sheath IMHO, i've been talking to blade tech, they are fixing to come out with a custom sheath so perhaps they will address my concerns on this - but we are really happy with them, got the combo black edge, paid $119 from www.knifecenter.com, after seeing 1 at my local gun shop for $170, so i think i got a deal - anyway just wanna share some feedback with you guys on them, and see if any one else has had any experiences good or bad with them

have a good 1

Do a search, you'll find quite a bit on the knife.

Personally, I don't like it.

Why don't you like the original sheath?

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why dont i like the original sheath? well i just was expecting more i guess. with mas designing it - figured several options for carry (ie - belt clip outside pants, attatch to web gear. etc) but really the only way to carry it it inside the pants because it has a cheesy plastic clip rather than a spring steel clip which would IMHO facilitate a wider range of carry options - no way ya could just clip it on your belt - it would fall off, not to mention when ya drew it ya would have knife and sheath in your hand and ya better hope the other guy starts laughing at ya and gives ya a chance to pull off the sheath w/your off hand lol - i kid ya not - anyway for the retail on it i thought a better sheath would come with it- something TRICK designed by mass ayoob - oh well......other than the sheath i really like the knife

and hey 4th what dont ya like about it - holds good edge, 154CM steel, black finish on blade holding up well - because of blade angle (?) i think its a little hard to sharpen but nothing to write home to mom about and IMHO i like the looks and it fits my hand well, and it must be fairly ergonomic as it fits my wifes hand well too - i'm 6'3 225 and shes 5'3 100 soo ??? but hey all entitled to opinion just interested

have a good 1

I thought mine was extremely comfortable and an excellent stabber but a crap slasher (evidenced by poor rope cutting tests) so I sold it on...a shame really.
Vet, thanks for the answer.
For what I understand, you wish the sheath was more versatile, which is fair enough IMHO. However, would you say it works well IWB, or even that was less than satisfactory?


"Though the meek shall inherit the Earth, they won't keep it past Saturday night..."
weeeelllllll............it works ok for IWB - but my gerber MK1 w/a steel clip rather than the plastic (kydex really i bet) clip sure is better - hey dont get me wrong i really like the knife - if your looking for a sub 4 inch fixed, grab 1 - i think i'll try the new sheath from blade-tech (prob cost $20-30 bucks) and i will be very hsppy - and again for IWB carry the stock sheath is ok -

One of the main complaints people have had about the Razorback is that it doesn't have a full tang. It only goes to the second screw on the handle. The second complaint is that the thickness of the blade makes it very hard to get it razor sharp, although it does make for a strong stabber. I have two of their folder and love them, but after what I heard about the Razorback, I passed.

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