MOD Trident

Oct 3, 1998
The plain edge Trident that I had on order finally came today. I would like to offer my first impressions of it for those of you who may be thinking about getting one of these. Overall, the Trident is a very well made folder. The construction style, as well as how it feels in the grasp, reminds me a lot of the SOCOM. The fit and finish are tight and crisp. The 3 3/8" long spearpoint blade is very sharp right out of the box and is a "non-threatening" blade shape so it won't garner you any strange stares. There seems to be traction notches everywhere
Notches at the rear of the handle, notches at the pivot area, and notches on the blade spine promote a non-slip grip in either hammer or reverse grips. This is the first knife I've seen with notches on the blade spine - this allows the user to put direct pressure on the spine during controlled cuts. I've heard some remarks that the knife is a bit too small for some. I would estimate the Trident's size to be between the Mini SOCOM and regular SOCOM. In all, seems to be a great using knife. Very practical. somehow, I get a feeling that this may not be the only MOD folder in my collection

Dexter Ewing
Knife Reviews Moderator

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