Modifying the Spyderco Moran sheath

Howard Wallace

Feb 23, 1999
I just got a Spyderco Moran, based in part on the good press it was getting on this forum. It came with both an Edgeworks kydex sheath and the original leather sheath. The leather sheath is made of good material. The sheath rides on the belt with the knife in an almost horizontal position. It is designed to cover part of the handle and retain the knife by friction. However the opening of the sheath is quite thin, making insertion and withdrawal of the knife difficult.

I am thinking of soaking the leather sheath in water, and then allowing it to dry around the knife. I hope this will create an opening in the sheath large enough to make sheathing easy, but tight enough to retain the knife. Do you think this will work?

Have any of you come up with a solution to make the leather sheath more useful?
Howard, your method MAY work but only if the leather has been vegetable tanned. Other tanning methods do not allow wet molding. I think it is unlikely that sheath is vegetable tanned because most commercially made sheaths are not because of cost. Hop over to the Spyderco forum and ask. Its worth a try.


who dares, wins

I went over there and got some advice. Thank you Phantom4 for pointing me in the right direction.