Monthly Knife Giveaway Rules

May 22, 1999
Are the rules someplace on the website or forums? I figured them out but I want to know for sure and I think some members don't know how it works.

This is how I understand it. Mike posts saying he needs a number between 1 and (total members). Members then post their choice. Spark then goes though the choices starting with the first until he finds a member number of an active poster. Is this correct?

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They've been posted here from time to time and are fairly straight forward. All members are assigned a number at random. This changes monthly. At the stroke of midnight EST the number choosen by a forumite and posted is selected and matched against the database. If that member has posted they get the knife. If not back to the thread for the next number posted after midnight and so on. Really a random drawing for active members. Plain and simple.

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Couldn't have said it better myself.

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