More pics of green linen slabs ... big pics


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Jul 24, 2004
I took my CGFBM out for a walk and a camp fire and found that the green linen pattern started coming through more with use. I came home and gave the slabs a scrubbing with hot soapy water and wanted to show you what they look like after a little cleaning. It makes a difference and with the FBM going out of production I wanted to let you all know what you were missing ;). Sorry if this is redundant from my other thread but I had so many questions about these before mine arrived I assumed others may have as well. The first two pics are actually "dirty"... after the knife got a work out. The next 2 are after the slabs were scrubbed.


This pic taken without flash

Taken with flash
I love those green linens!!! I'm so glad I ordered one before they go away! :D

Thanks for sharing Dunner! very cool! :thumbup: :thumbup:
Oh man, those are beautiful! I'm glad I ordered my fbm with green linen mags :)

Great pics - almost as good as in person :D !!

It was a good day in the field, oh and thanks alot for making my FSH(H) seem wimpy :eek: ...

8! It was a great day in the field and a nice way to start a new year for sure! With that wicked edge you keep on your HH I think we were throwing about the same amount wood chips! Fresh air in the woods therapy is the best. Next time I will try to get pics of knives in the outdoors in the thread instead of my cutting board :eek:
I've got a feeling green linen will be my user CG FBM.

Thanks for the pics! :thumbup:
green linen. that's what i have in my hands right now.

Very nice pics! The green linen slabs are awesome:cool: