Most Impressed - CRKT S2

Dec 2, 1999
I picked up a smaller CRKT S2 a couple of weeks ago and have it my daily carry since. To be honest I've been thinking about a CR Umfaan, but wasn't sure about the size. As a compromize I decided to pick up a smaller model S2 to see if the size would work for me.

Let me also say I have both a large and small sebenza, and I haven't found very many knives
that compare well against the sebenza.

All that being said I'm very impressed with the S2 I got. It's lightweight, locks with a precise and firm click, has a very tight, quality feel. I believe dimensionally it is pretty close to the Umfaan. I appreciate the curve in the S2 handle, it gives me a slightly more comfortable grip. Fit and finish is very good, the only two small negatives are that the thumb stud is slightly sharp on the edges, and the unlocking notch is a little small.

I think for $50 this is a great knife and it really does give you a similar feel to a sebenza. Now I'm think of buying a larger S2.


I have a now discontinued full size S-2. I like it alot. It is a shame they quit producing the larger size. The S-2 is probably one of the most under rated knives out there.

Dennis Bible