Most Interesting Knife Order Ever Received .....

Nov 16, 1998
Should have maybe posted this in the Blade Review Forum, but I felt this was a better place for this post.

Got my order for the (3) Benchmade #910SBT Strykers a few minutes ago.

This was the most interesting knife order I have ever received because not (1), not (2), but all three #910SBT's were different!

Two of them came in old style boxes:,
One of them was the old fashion stryker with the duller G10 slabs, no stop pin, utilizes the tab on the liner lock to stop it when in the closed position. It has no stainless steel inserts for the Torx screws.

Another one from the old style box was not a new version or an old version either. Kind of a cross between! It has the stainless steel inserts and the new G10 slabs, but it still utilizes the tab on the liner lock for the stop position when closed. The thumb disk is still located in the same place as the original or older Stryker had. This must be an inbetween production Stryker.

Now, the third one came in the new style Benchmade Box which by the way is very cool in itself. This new version Stryker has the new logo which I don't like as much as the old logo with the Balisong on it, but that part is inmaterial. It has the thumb disk relocated farther up and utilizes a stop pin for closed position. It has stainless steel inserts for the torx screws and of course the new textured G10 slabs. Very nice looking and has a good feel to it. At first glance it looked as though the G10 was thinner than the older version G10, but it is the same thickness, just more refined and beveling is different which gives it that optical allusion of being thinner.

Kind of glad I received 3 different Benchmade Stryker's #910SBT knives, made this knife order very exciting and unusual.

I will be using the old style Stryker for every day and work, after all I am used to this knife because my main reason for purchasing these was to replace one of my old #910S Strykers. The other two will be tucked away.

Geez, never thought this would happen by getting three different ones of the same ...
I am tickled Pink

P.S. (Posted 6-3-99 a.m.)

After looking much more at these three, I find the transition Stryker to be more appealing than the old or new version. The titanium liners are very smooth and clean looking where as the old and the new one's have more of a rougher looking liner, spotted of sorts. The handle G10 Slabs are much more smoothed at the edges on the transition Stryker as well. I guess I like the new version because of the relocation of the thumb disk and utilizing a stop pin for the closed position, but I like the looks of the transition one better. The old version, makes me think of the good old days

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Of course, you do realize they now have the Stryker in M2.

No, I was never lost. But I was mighty bewildered one time for three days.

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