Mountain Home Knives (MHK) by J. English of Jamul, CA

Jan 20, 1999
I have seen a nice knife by this maker at a couple of knife shows-same knife and exhibitor. I alway like its appearance and feel. It has gray/black micarta handles and fees good in the hand. The exhibitor does not know what kind of steel it has.

Does anyone have any information and/or personal experience with these knives? A website would be nice
. Thanks!
I've been meaning to check into this man's work, as he lives in my general area. I think the only examples of his work I've seen were in the Knives annuals. Perhaps Dennis Wright, who is a forum member and also lives nearby, knows more about the maker and his work.
? Sorry I don't know more.

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I purchased one of Jim's knives about 5years ago at the Calif Custom Knife Show ( now Blade Show West). He is a fire Captain in the San Diego area, and developed his first knives with a fellow fireman to replace the knives that the fire dept. authorized them to carry. When I purchased mine, a 4 1/2" american tanto, Jim told me that they had been given permission by the Dept. to carry his knives. I'm not sure what steel it is,but the warrantee given to me by Jim, was that if I ever was not satisfied with the knife, he would refund my money, no questions asked. He also included free sharpening as long as I shipped it with return postage. Ihave seen him a number of times since, and he still strikes me as hoest, and very friendly, as are most knifemakers that I have met. If you decide to purchase, I don't think yowill be disappointed, I wasn't, since I haven't taken him up on his warrantee yet.

Thanks for the info, and hopefully I will get more. The blade was in the 4 inch range and the handle was nicely sculpted. Although it was appeared to be a high quality knife, I did not buy it as I was trying to resist spending money on another knife, I had no idea what steel and steel treatment it had, and it was not all that sharp.

If I can get some more info AND the knife is still available at the next show I go to, I might succumb to temptation as it really fit my hand.....of course that bird & trout knife I saw was nice....and that stellite knive....