Moved CA gun control topic to "Politics"

Oct 3, 1998
The thread on the @#$%^&*(*! new CA assault weapons law is now over in the Politics forum, which is a better place for such things. I hadn't been following it too closely (depressed), but I got an e-mail expressing some alarm at a post that had allegedly passed over the bounds of civil political discourse. Its author also thought the better of it and edited it before I could see it, so I'll just say, "Be nice, everybody."



Sorry, guess I should have started it in the politics forums to begin with. I'll read closer next time. Thanks for moving it over!!

BTW - I never have had the chance to congradulate you and Mike on the wonderful job you've done with the forums. I remember talking to you guys and reading your advice on and the first Benchmade forums. Good to see that when recdotknives dies you were able to move it forward again!! I'm sure we all appreciate it.

- Kim Duckett (aka "Ranger")