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Oct 3, 1998
Spyderco Moran

"Practical Magic"...Sandra Bullock and Nichole Kidman

Towards the end of the movie, during an exorcism, 2 sisters need to do the ritual cutting of hands and press together...what a cute blade!
In "The Fan", Robert DeNiro gives his son and his hostage Gerber E-Z-Outs. He plays with a Benchmade Leopard while watching TV. His boss goes bonkers demonstrating car door piercing with a Cold Steel Tanto.
All the knives in GI Jane and 6 Days and Seven Night were supplied by WOW.

They are.

GI Jane (Jacksonville Florida)
A bunch of Benchmades.
Ka-Bar 1217's
Seal 2000

6 Days & 7 Nights (Hawaii)
SP-8 Machette
and Spax

A lot more were sent for both movies.

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While we are on the subject, has anyone seen the ad in this weks TV Guide for the movie "Mr. Murder". It shows him holding a Spyderco. Not helping the current knife paranoia in my opinion. Why couldn't he just have a kitchen knife, show some reality when concerning most knifes related crimes.
Well, it's just about a given that any movie "bad guy" will have an Italian automatic stilleto. You know, 'cause switchblades are "evil" and stuff. Grrrr...

I see Spyderco Police Models all over the place; "Hard Target" comes to mind. In "Natural Born Killers" the ritual cutting of hands/ marriage ceremony is performed with a BM AFO, or maybe a Reflex, it's been a while. And after seeing "Strange Days" a friend proudly reported to me that he recognized a Civilian like mine in it. Dunno if that's true or not, but it's a hard knife to mis-identify.

Geeze, I gotta see some better movies. I guess "The Piano" scared me clean away from anything remotely cultured, hehehe.


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Corduroy, it's a Spyderco Rescue 98 I believe in Strange Days.

Spyderco Moran/Spydermoran, I'm starting to want one.
Hmmm, he wasn't in "Face Off" but he was in "Hard Target," also directed by John Woo. I think that there were Spydercos in both. Hollywood loves them Spydies!


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
In the Movie Predator, they use a large machete/bowie cross that looks special made or maybe even custom. Also, they show a hollow handled knife issued to their whole team which looks similar to the randal or perrish, or lile hollow handle knife.

When the TV magazines were running pieces on Spike Lee's new movie _Summer of Sam_ (about the Son of Sam serial murderer) one of the most common images shown was a profile shot of the killer opening a one handed, partially serrated folder. It's a dark profile so the blade was hard to identify. This is probably an unfortunate, IMO, anachronism since the events take place in 1977.

As mentioned in these forums before, "Blade" showed a Benchmade 3500 auto and a Gerber pliers-tool.
In "Anaconda" Ice Cube flashes a Delica that he eventually loses in the Amazon trying to kill Jon Voight.
On TV's X-Files, Mulder recently started using a Kershaw 2415 or 2420 Liner Action, a change from his old Gerber E-Z-Out Jr.
In "The Corruptor" Mark Wahlberg uses a big, cheap(?), heavy-looking folder to pry open a door.
In "Out of Sight" Michael Keaton slices an apple with a Spyderco Jess Horn(?). Look very closely. (BTW, there's two films so far, this and Anaconda, that have both Jennifer Lopez and Spydie knives!)

Sorry for the rant, but I love movies and knives!
I thought that the knife Michael Keaton used was a Delica (although I wasn't sure if it was a "hole" or a palstic disc (ie rip-off). Also, Mark Whalberg's knife was a big cheapo... when I saw it in the theaters, I turned to my friend and almost bit his ear off telling him what a horrible knfie that is. I've seen them in martial arts catalogs as a "military knife." However, the one that I did see had a hideous blade, and the lock didn't even remotely work. (plus the "finger guards" made great cigar cutting actions for your index finger - if the blade could even cut you, ouch!).

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How about U.S.Marshals,when Tommy Lee Jones`s female assistant uses what looks like a benchmade auto,definately an auto, to cut the hospital tag off jones`s wrist.
An auto used by an officer in a sensible,utilitarian method.....Must have slipped by the P.C.police!
David Baker
The knives and machetes in both Pedator 1 and two were by Jack Crain. He was popular in the '70s with the tactical survival crowd and some of the "doomsday style" adventure authors.

Also some of his knives were produced in short factory runs by one of the cutlery companies. None of them I saw were very good quality and very pricey.

Wasn't that thing in the Corruptor awful? I knew a "gentleman" who used to sell them at the local flea market. One night I spotted the same type of knife on "COPS" - at the scene of a stabbing. It made me want to vomit. Those are the real instruments of street violence, not the expensive folders some of us have been hassled for carrying. I guess it was appropriate for that movie, but I still didn't want to see one again.
Oh man, I feel this thread is going to be so much fun! Let's see...
Microtech HALO and one custom (somebody mentioned these earlier in a similar thread, can't remember which maker's knife the custom was) in "Long Kiss Goodnight". Spyderco Civilian in "Bad Boys" (the bad guy at the club had it), Spydie Police in "Doom Generation", some Opinel folders (and several other knives I didn't recognize) in "Crime Time" (or was it "Time Crime"??) and...My friend told me that there was a Cold Steel XL-Voyager in one episode of "The Profiler". I can't remember any more right now...Hey! How about Rambo, or McGyver?

And some wild guesses: I think there was an Ontario Machete (Blackie Collins model) in one episode of Babylon 5, it was in the sheath and if there are other machetes with that kind of a handle...And there was some folder with a round opening hole in the first season of Babylon 5, but back then I knew only a few Spydies and didn't know what an AFCK looks like, so I guess that remains as a mystery.
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The X-Files

Bad Boys
The Client
Hard Target
Point of No Return
Strange Days
Sudden Death
Useless Things

Randall King

The Crow
Last of the Mohicans

Here is a link to many more subjects on knives in the movies for interesting reading.
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My TV Guide didn't show the bad guy with a Spydie, but the description of the movie mentioned a switchblade. I can't wait to see the flick and see if the writers mistook a Spyderco for an auto.

PS I read the book...should be a good movie


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