Movie with Kukri scene: Polar...

Jan 31, 2018
Just had to mention this new netflix movie, Polar. Honestly it's like 'pulp fiction' or 'kill bill' style, but even more over the top. I'm not sure I really like the movie tbh.

At about 47 minutes into the movie, the anti-hero gets convinced to do a 'show and tell' at the local school, and proceeds to pull a kukri out and show 9 year olds how it is an 'arterial weapon, not for stabbing'... then proceeds to show how to do this to multiple parts of the body.

My jaw hit the floor, no children were injured but they may suffer from mental trauma... of course it's a movie. It was already over the top, but this scene took it to a new level.

anyway, I thought people here would maybe enjoy commenting on it : -)
That’s also true for the Khuk though, right? It’s a lousy stabbing weapon, but it can slice through any extremity you mistakenly put in it’s path.

I enjoyed the movie. When I clicked to watch it I surely wasn’t expecting it to turn out the way it did. I expected something more along the lines of The Mechanic.
Well obviously the khuk isn't designed to be a stabbing weapon, but with the right grip and technique you would be surprised how deep you can thrust a 3/8' thick piece of steel;)

I learned from the late great Uncle Bill Martino of Himalayan Imports that most of the khukuri fighting techniques taught to the Gurkhas were very rudimentary. Belly slashes, thigh chops, and neck/shoulder cleaves were about it. You have to keep in mind, to use a very outdated turn of phrase, in the case of the Nepali Gurkha it's very much a "it's the Indian, not the arrow" situation. These young men were swinging khuks as toddlers doing household chores. They know how to control the blade. Most of there training was in trade-off fighting tactics. Trade a finger for a hand, a hand for an arm, an arm for the head, etc. Incredibly hardcore and fierce fighters who were. Also extremely loyal and jovial as well:)

Basically, if you land a blow where you want it to go, not much is going to stop a blade like that.
To me the most amusing thing about the scene was the reaction (or lack therof) from the teacher in that scene.