Moving to IL finally

Jan 18, 1999
Hi all I won't be able to contacted for a little while till I finish up moving here.
I believe I contacted all of those who I'm making deals with. Wish me luck. I'll be in IL on late Sat.


IL? Is this by choice? hahahaha Been here all my life. What part of the state will you be in?


Tom Carey

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Email me for info. The new items will be added to cga online in the near future.

Tom, I think he's moving to the Chicago area.

Work hard, play hard, live long.

ps - Good luck in school, and in IL, prigger.

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Ahh just in time for the show up there next month. Be sure to check that out Prigger it's a pretty decent show.


Tom Carey
To all of you who live in The People's Republic of Illinois, I extend my condolences. Illinois is a pretty state and Chicago has some wonderful history and architechture, but the laws and politics there are horrible.

Y'all come on over to my place in Indiana some time.
Hi all,
I got here ok, been real busy since thurs, I'm almost done moving in. I start work on monday in Addison. My new neighbors freeked when I opened a bali-song out to cut a rope that was securing some boxes to the moving truck.


also, I'm not to happy with the laws here, but I'm here till I use up all of my college benefits, then who know where I'll go(preferably where there is ccw allowed, and class III weapons are legal)

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Be carefull who sees your balisong, as I believe that they are against the law here in IL. Which school are you going to?
I'm not sure of which school to go to(it must have a night program), but it will probably involve vocational skills(I got hired as a fork lift mech, even though I've never worked on one-and yes my employer knows of my lack of experiance). I'd love to stay in the aviation life support systems field, but openings are quite few and far in between. If Bell helicopters is hiring a survival equipmentman for the MV-22 factory in Amarillo, TX, I'll probably be the first to fill out an application.
I think bali-songs are legal here, I know they sell them at the local gun shop(GATS guns in Dundee), and I bought a few from a flea market table when I was 18 in Glendale Heights.
Right now I'm considering selling my truck so I can get a beater('70 Monte Carlo w/ 402 BB, 12 bolt rear) and I can get rid of the payment.


Nice thing about Chicago area is that there is an almost unlimited selection of colleges both vocational and otherwise. Also most of them seem to have night programs. Good luck finding the one that best fits what you are looking for, and welcome to the area, or back to the area.
Er... easy does it with that Balisong Prigger.
The BJ is still waiting to be shipped. Remember? Drop me a line.


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Prigger are you still interrested in the EK trade? Drop me a line.....Good luck in IL