MuleProjects Updates....

Oct 8, 1998
Good Day,

Just wanted to keep you all abreast of the doings at MuleProjects...

I recently completed an article about some custom handle scales by Cuscadi of Germany, and you can find a link from the Mule Projects Blog. I will be updating that article with some use and carry information, as I have had the Cuscadi scales for awhile now.

Also, I have added a number of images of Tom Krein's work with the Spyderco Mule Team knives. And Wire Edge, a forum member allowed me to use some of his great images, so they are included too.

The section on Thermo-Form sheaths (Kydex and Concealex) is updated, with links to threads that show off each makers work.

If you like leather for your knives, I have also included a link to a leather sheath that will fit the Mule Team Knives.

If you missed the news about Halpern Titanium beginning to make handle scales, you can read about it... In fact, if you are on the list, we should be hearing some news this week.

And, I cover the quasi-Mule knife being offered by

So, if you haven't been by lately, and you are interested in the Spyderco Mule Team Knives, check it out....