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Mummert Knives Titanium Money Clip - Monkey Edge Edition


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Nov 6, 2008
Mummert Knives Titanium Money Clip - Monkey Edge Edition
Direct from Monkey Edge

Just as I received it - mint. There is a slight hairline scratch on the monkey side (right of the head), but it came this way. You can really only see it when the light reflects on it, but clearly visible.

I was hoping this would get me away from wallets, but still haven’t warmed up to it. So off it goes.

These run $75.00 plus shipping new. Asking $55.00 shipped (includes PP fees). Shipping only to USA (please see note below). NO TRADES.


I'm a US citizen with a US address, but currently and temporarily residing in Kyoto, Japan. The item is in Kyoto and will be shipped from Kyoto...EMS with tracking (usually 4-5 days) with tracking to your door. Shipping to/from Japan is extremely efficient. I have lived on and off here for a combined total of over 7 years. And I've received and sent many items to and from the US during this time with no problems. Almost all of my feedback on the Bay has been from Japan.

The best way to reach me is via email: garcuca263@gmail.com

Please be aware there is a time difference and there may be a delay in responding. Rest assured first in line will get the item. Though cross-listed, so time stamp rules.

First unconditional "I'll take it" posted in this thread followed by an immediate email to arrange payment gets first priority. If I do not receive an email, the item will go to the next in line. Please state your username if you contact via email.
Any questions, please ask.