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Mushin EDC self lock

Bailey Bradshaw

Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
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Sep 13, 2001
I have been carrying one of these for a couple of months now and just love it.

It is my Mushin model self lock. It measures 4 " closed and 7 1/8" open. Blade is .125" thick S30V, flat ground with convex edge. I grind the edge to .01" before finnishing and sharpening. That results in a thin and very sharp edge with excellent cutting geometry.

The handle is machined titanium with A+ grade peral inlays. I 3D machined the handle in a sunburst pattern which really makes the light dance on the pearl. The self lock is very easy to use with either hand, and locks up great. It is sealed from all but very fine debris. It also has a titanium pocket clip.

Price for this one is $575 shipped CONUS. I will also install a thumb stud at no cost if you would like. I accept paypal, Visa/ MC and of course check or MO.

Sorry for the poor picture quality. I am working on improving that currently.


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I just updated teh pictures. A little better quality....

I am off to the hardware store to build a light box :)
Sorry for asking, but could you be more specific on the self locking mechanics of your knife? I am interested also. Thanks.
Just sent this one out, so it is sold. Thanks!!


The self lock was designed and patented by Scott Sawby back in '85. I asked and was granted permission to make the lock from Scott last year.

The lock is contained inside the pivot hole of the blade, and the blade is the only moving part. It is disenguaged by pushing up on the tab at the bottom of the blade tang. It is totally ambidextrious and is sealed from dirt and debris unless it is ultra fine.

I have another set of parts ready for another if you are interested. I don't have the inlays in it yet, so the material would be your choice. Just let me know
Bailey...that was awesome work.....beautiful, cant wait to see the next one....great job

Trying to make my mind up whether I want this one, your utility hunter, or both!!

If you put blacklip pearl with a lotta fire in it into this knife, would it be the same price?


Ron Hanz