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My Bushman has a bent blade

Apr 7, 1999
Does anyone else have a CS Bushman? I recieved mine today and the blade has a constant curve in the spine extending from the handle to the tip. Is this intentional? The bushman can be used as a spear, and if you throw a spear the tip might break if the blade does not flex like a fencing sword. So are all Bushmen like this?
Mine is straight.
Send yours back!

--Mike L.

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Hi, mine also has a slight bent/curve to the left if you look at it from the top. Doesn't bother me at all, it's the sharpest kitchen knife that I have. Gave it a 20 degrees angle on the Lansky diamond sharpening set I have. Returning mine would cost to much from The Netherlands.
try winding a 2mm black nylon "rope" around the grip it just give's the Bushman the correct grip. Cheers, Bagheera

Mine has a small bend to it also. I think that it may be a heat treat warp.

It does not affect function, and the knife is still a good beater for the price.

I wouldn't worry about sending it back, once you pay shipping and ins and all, you have just turned a cheap good knife into a more expensive good knife.

Thomas Zinn
Both my CS Bushman (1 new and 1 2 yrs old) are straight. A small bend wouldn't bother me, but a noticeable one might.
My busman is straight, love this knife,
paracord wrapped the handle.
trying to figure out what to stuff in the handle.
spent some time on mine with the lanskey and got a real nice edge on it.
Jeff Sanders
My Bushman is straight too. If the curve is that bad, then send it back. It might take a while, so it's up to you...

Bushman sheath sucks, keeps falling out...
You might try putting it in a vise and flexing it the other way... If the bend is minor this should straighten the relatively soft blade out.
Mine is straight.

I just got mine a couple of weeks ago and it came with the new plastic-lined sheath. I like the sheath -- it's not really a retention sheath but I can turn it upside down and the knife doesn't fall out. I've seen a number of complaints about the old all-leather sheath, but the new plastic-lined sheath seems to be much better -- not a thing of beauty, but serviceable, and a good deal for the price.

-Cougar Allen :{)