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My excellent RJ Martin experience!

Oct 7, 1998
I know this belongs in the custom forum but I didn't want anyone to miss it.
A few days ago I received my custom Quickening fixed blade from RJ Martin. Mr. Martin extended the blade to seven inches and extended the handle by a quarter inch for striking.
Mr. Martin was a pleasure to deal with during the six month wait as he always kept me up to date on all aspects of my knife, such as other options I might consider in terms of coating or steel. In fact just before he started on my knife he received his first shipment of CPM 3V so he offered to use this new steel instead of his standard D2 for this blade. At no extra cost.
Mr. Martin also charged me $15 for shipping but shipped it FedEx priority overnight from Connecticut to Hawaii at his own additional expense, which I suspect was substancial.
All in all, my first custom knife purchase was a pleasure. And Mr. Martin proved to be even better than his already excellent reputation. I will be buying more knives from him in the future.
Oh yeah, to me the knife is a razor sharp, work of art. THANK YOU AGAIN MR. MARTIN!!!

Aloha, Creighton
Yes indeed, RJ Martin is becoming an extremely busy man, who knows, maybe he will take the plunge and go full time! I also had good dealings with him and met him at an Ashokan seminar in 98' and also at his house to pick up my Kozuka. He is a very considerate individual and reccommend him highly.

His web page is

<A href="http://www.martinsite.com/">RJ Martin</A>


When a fellow says, "it ain't the money but the principle of the thing,"
it's the money.
F. McKinney Hubbard


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Creighton: Thank you sincerely for your kind words, and your patience during the process. Enjoy your knife!

RJ Martin
I posted a similar experience on the custom forum regarding my Kozuka. Needless to say,
I'll gladly buy from RJ again.
You guys convinced me! RJ my order is in the email! Talonite Handiman! RJ is prompt with his replys and takes time to answer some really dumb questions... Thanks! Fish