My first loss after many years! What about yours?

Oct 11, 1998
Well, it finally happened to me. I lost my first knife! Actually it was a multitool, the Leatherman Sideclip. I had been carrying it daily for the last couple of month and last week it slipped out of my pocket. It must have been on a playground while I was on the swings (seems I'm not really prepared for that kind of activity). The ground was sand, so I couldn't hear it dropping and it was almost dark (so nobody could see me and my wife on the playground goofing around...
) When I finally noticed the sad fact, I was already home and it was too late to go back and start a search. I can just hope someone will find it and get a nice surprise. So my next Sideclip will be secured with a lanyard.

The only other knife I've ever lost was when I was around 11 or 12. It was a folder with one 3 1/2" blade, tool steel and wooden handle. A sort of stronger garden knife. I was playing in a field and suddenly I noticed the knife was gone. Even though I searched for it immediately, I couldn't find it in that field. I was of course very upset and still remember that event now, over 25 years later.
I believe the pocket clip to be a conspiracy designed to get us to lose more (and thus buy more) knifes. I have lost several knives in the past, but did not lose any before I bought one with a clip. And I have not lost one since I switched back to sheaths. I cannot imagine securing a $300.00 knive with just a clip!

Lost a really nice Al Mar folder many moons ago, and it's still an open sore with me. The knife came with a leather pocket pouch to protect it.
Well, I wanted to modify the pouch to make it ride higher in my pocket, so I glued an old money clip to the side of it. It worked like a charm until I took a bike trip with the wife.
I think I invented the pocket clip, but didn't see the possibilities at the time.

Live free and buy. It's the American way.
I've been carrying around pocket clipped knives for 10 years pretty well every day. Never lost or nearly lost one. Am I just lucky?
Ten or twelve years ago I lost a Gerber LST for several months and then found it in the couch. I had already replaced it so I gave it to my roommate at the time. I was hiking once and dropped a SAK (that I had had since I was 11 or so) on the trail. I only had to walk back a couple of miles but I did find it. Thank god it wasn't one of these subdued tactical jobs or I would have never found it. That's about it for me-they seem to find their way back to me. I'm going to have to go find some wood to knock on now (this computer desk certainly barely qualifies as wood-unless saw dust and glue count).
I think you're all missing the point here.
It's not the clip that is at fault, it's the lack of playgrounds for adults...

Just think, if he had been able to go to a "grown up" playground (one without lawsuits leading to the removal of tornado slides, and anything made of wood) he could have gone when it was still light out.

Keep your clips, but write your senator for A.P.F.'s (adult playground facilities) in your neighborhood.

Support local "kids"!!