Oct 12, 1998
Yep, seems I drew a lucky number.
My girlfriend has always had displayed a certain genuine fascination with my collection of tactical/sport utility knives. But it still came to a little surprise when she said over the breakfasttable."You know what I want for Easter? A knife!"
Could be a difficult task I thought, becouse the girly small knives like the CRKT Peck that i showed her didn´t catch her attention really. She wanted a "using knife, that´s cool, metal handel. I thought about a BM leopard cub, but that one didn´t seem right for her.
Then I saw a beautifull knife designed by Frank Carter, made by a knife comapany that was so far unknown to me: GIGAND knives.(, or The Spectrum 2 I got for her convinced me of its elegant lines rock solid linerlock, slim profile and overall quality(steel is aus8a).
As soon as she got it she was practicing to flip it until she got that "thumstud sore thump syndrom" open for hours while we watched TV and ate munchies, that she cut with the knife. Easter monday I woke up to the clicking of opening and closing the blade again. I hear bells ringing.
Matt from Munich be continued....
I know just the knife you can use to cut your wedding cake: A Cold Steel Imperial Tai Pan!


The Gigand line is a great line!
I gave my daughter a knife a few years ago. It was a little mouse knife with a LED light in it. The quality would not compare with the Gigand but she loved it.

Here is a link to Gigand dealers.

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I know the pride you have in you little woman. My wife fell in love with a MOD Lady Hawk that we saw at a local shop. She got one for her birthday. Then we were looking on the internet and she saw a BM Leopard with Green anodized handles. She got that one for Easter. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for getting her knives. I hear the "typical man" jokes. But mamma gets what mamma wants. As my dear daddy always said, "Who am I to deny a lady anything?"
I just moved in with my fiancee and I'm working on her. She still gives me this weird smirk when I talk about knives. A few months ago I gave her one of the Victorinox Classics with the LED in the handle. The only thing she talked about for the first couple of weeks was the light! I was bummed. Eventually she started telling me how she used it in different situations. Since I just gave her a blue photon microlight the LED on the SAK is superfluous. We're going to a knife show in Louisville on the seventeenth and I'm hoping to impress her. It is probably not the best show to impress her at, but it is going to be her first and i want it to be a positive experience (OK I know some of you gutter minds are smirking at that one ;-D). I may have to curb my impulses and only stay for part of the day. I've been showing her the pictures of all the really pretty, high end, arty stuff (damascus, mokume, natural handle materials, engraving, scrimshaw etc) in an effort to show her how aesthetically pleasing knives can be too. I told her when we got serious about dating (I was driving 100 miles one way to see her so it was pretty serious from the start!) she had better get used to sharp pointy things laying around the house. She's doing better with the knives than she is the guns though, luckily they take a backseat to my knives anyway). I suppose from here on out she will continue to buy me clothes and I'll buy her knives and we'll just smile and shake our heads when the other one turns around. Ain't love grand?!
Sounds like you've got a winner there, hang on! Be forewarned though, this means your knife hobby is going to be twice as expensive in the future! Think before you act.
My wife is also into Archery and guns. Thank God she hasn't gotten bitten hard by the knife bug yet! I'd have to get a second job!
(No, she ain't up for trade!
) Well, maybe for a new Custom Softail, 1942 vintage Jeep, Barret Light .50, Documented musashi katana, and maybe a little cash to boot! Nahhh...

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!