My New Madpoet Knife

Nov 8, 1998
It arrived yesterday after an excruciating two weeks in the (air)mail.
It is lovely.....not as in "mirror finished and heavily engraved". Lovely as in "I wanna CUT something"
So I Several times. This thing is SHARP. But, seriously, the damage is minor.
If you want to see it, go to
It is the "Mini Texas Bowie".
Mel's knives are a bargain for the user. I recommend him highly.....but not to the "mirror polished and heavily engraved" crowd.
Maybe later ?
Thanks, mate.

I just e-talked with Mel about a skinner and sheath. As soon as we decide handle wood, I'm ordering. Glad to hear your happy with yours.
BTW what is your handle wood?
That is a nice looking knife, Brian.
Hope you enjoy having it.


JW...the lighter wood is mesquite and the darker section is desert ironwood.
The handle is very comfortable.

Brian W E
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If I am a figment of your imagination.....please stop it, NOW.

Yeah, the Madpoet does know his D2
The funky Wharncliffe down his website, with the skeleton handle with the leather thong threaded through it is mine and it's definately a "cutter"! - joy -