My new TOPS Steel Eagle 111 has arrived!


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Mar 18, 1999
I got the version with a gently curving drop point style blade instead f the tanto point. Right off the bat, this looks like one heck of a chopper! And for a knife with an 11 in. blade, and 17 in. oal, it feels surprisingly light in the hand. The grip is super comfortable and fills my hand well. I will be interested to see how the saw teeth work too. I have heard that they will perform well for how thick they are. I will be taking it camping in a couple of weeks, and will put this baby to work! Many thanks to Sid Post for the deal.
Congratualations tknife. I also own a Steel Eagle 111. Its a great knife. When I got mine all they had out was the tanto point but I'd still get it today as I feel its long straight blade makes a better chopper and I am to uncoordinated to use any blade that big for task that a drop point would in handy for. The people who make the knives are really nice also just as Mr. Post is. I sent mine in for sharpening and it came back razor sharp within a week and it had a nice new lenght of paracord wrapped around the sheath which is superb--nothing big but still nice. Finally, I was wondering how wide your blade is since it is a different shape I don't know if they retain the same width eventhough I suspect they do.

thanks alot and take care

P.S. Congratulations.
The blade is almost 1 1/2 inches wide. I have handled the tanto version also and I think everything is similar except for the tip. I was really surprised at the quality of the entire TOPS line for their low prices. They just came out with a tactical folder that looks really cool too!
I have the tanto 111 as well as a Storm Rider and an Interceptor Tanto. They all came from Sid post BTW. All the TOPS knives are a great buy for the money. The good construction seems to be standard across their product line. Take care.
try strider. also thanks for the reply tknife. mines about the same.

thanks and take care
Thanks for the sight. I am going to check out a couple of the models I saw