My review of the Spyderco Wegner Jr

Oct 3, 1998
Hi all,

I received my Spyderco Wegner Jr in the post this morning which I ordered from Frank Norman at Little River Trading Co....Frank gave me an excellent price and I can say that his service was top notch.... ( was not disappointed. I had read so many great things about this little folder from lots of people here at Bladesforum and I’m glad that I went for the Wegner Jr.

First of all, I found that for a small folder, it had a surprising weight to it…thanks to the thick stainless steel liner which goes the full length of the handle. This gives the folder a slightly more handle-heavy feel.

This is my first Spyderco and I was very impressed with the action. It was very smooth and the ball detent gives sufficient resistance to prevent the blade opening in your pocket. When it locked out, there was a good solid ‘click’ and the blade was locked out solid – there was no play in the blade at all.

The hollow ground blade (plain edge) in ATS34 has a curved belly for skinning and it fits the bill for me for a general utility blade. Now this baby was sharp. I shaved quite a bit of hair off my left arm with it in fact!

One of my initial reservations about the Wegner Jr was the small Spydie hole. But as Bill McWilliams and David Rock have mentioned before, it works really well. The hole isn’t chamfered and my thumb gets really good purchase on its edge.

After playing around with it, opening and closing it many, many times….I found that I could flick the blade open with my thumb VERY fast indeed….as opposed to thumbing the blade open by wiping the thumb through the whole opening motion. (Who needs an automatic when quality folders like this open so fast!) I also found that if I cocked my wrist and flicked it very quickly, the blade would flick out and lock out with a very solid loud ‘click’. But I think that this method of opening may not be too good for the knife over the long term.

The clip is mounted on the handle to enable tip-up carry which suited me. I could reach down for the knife, draw it from my right pants pocket or right rear pocket and ‘click’ it’s open by the time I bring my right hand up to chest level. But I do wish that Spyderco would mount the clip closer to the end like on the Pro Venator. Does anyone know of a good reason why this can’t be done? Also I was kinda concerned that the clip would get in the way and make gripping the handle a bit uncomfortable during heavy cutting tasks– but no such thing. I know that Bill certainly doesn’t like the clips but it was fine for me. In fact, it gives my fingers a little additional purchase for opening.

Okay….how did it perform. Well to tell you the truth I haven’t put it on any really heavy tasks but I sure cut up the cardboard box that it was delivered in. It performed excellently and the edge was hardly dulled. It was still able to take some more hair off my left arm (must stop doing that cos its looking rather bald)! The thumb ramp is nicely textured to allow a good grip on the back of the blade. It feels very secure during cutting and stabbing.

Overall, the Wegner Jr has made a very good impression on me. I would recommend this knife for anyone who is looking for a small, solidly built knife with a very keen blade and excellent handling. My recommendations to Spyderco are to mount the clip closer to the end of the handle so that when in a pocket, it is more discreet, and to manufacture the knife in such a way that it could be disassembled for cleaning and maintenance.

Well that’s about all from me on this wonderful little knife. Sorry that this review is not particularly technical but I’m fairly new to all this! If anyone of you have any other comments, please feel free. I know that this knife is popular so I’m sure that you will have something to say!

I do have one question for you Spyderco Wegner Jr fans though. I have read many posts about the liner travelling to the right of the blade over time. Can anyone elaborate what this is in real simple terms for me?



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Hi Ken,

Welcome to the club. As one of those who suggested you buy the Wegner Jr. I'm pleased (relieved) you like it.

When my knife was new, the liner travelled almost to the centre or the tang when locked.
However, with use, it now moves almost to the G10 scale on the far side of the blade. The worry is that, if this wear continues, once the blade reaches the scale the lock-up will no longer be secure and there will be play in the blade. As I said in an earlier post, the wear seems to have stopped (or I'm not playing with the knife as much) so I'm just going to keep using it until there is play in the blade and then send it back to Spyderco.

Hey Clay,

It seems that when I have the blade open and I am looking at the liner, it is touching the scale on the right side of the blade.

Anyway I have to say that Frank Norman did give me $10 discount because of this but I have to say that the blade still locks out really tight.

BTW how do you sharpen your Wegner? What do you use and at what angle? I was considering getting hold of the SharpMaker but it sharpens at 20 degrees and I'm not sure if that's what it is when it comes out of the factory...



Hey Ken,
I'm pleased that you like your Wegner.
I have to credit Blues for introducing (suggesting..hell,force-feeding!)me to this fine knife.
I've sharpened mine at a 20' angle with my Lansky system and got great results. The ATS-34 really responds to sharpening.
Also, glad you figured out the "flip". Works great, doesn't it ?
I have many Spydercos, but this one is my favorite.

Clay, I actually have two Wegner Jrs. My first one (s/n 258) also favors the far side with respect to the lock. It moved over there pretty quickly too, but now seems to have quit. The second Wegner's lock stops right at 50%. Both lock up very well.
The first has been opened and closed a thousand times while the new one is,
BTW, both or these knives have their clips removed


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I have the Gatco set and I have been using the 22 degree setting. This seemed to match up pretty well with the original bevel when I coated it with felt-tip marker. However I'm going to start using the Sharpmaker as soon as the new model hits the streets, as I'm too old and lazy to keep mucking around with those fiddly clamps
. It may just take some time to reshape the edge to the Sharpmaker's angle but it should be fairly close.