My sons first knife


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Dec 25, 1998
Well, sort of......My three year old son, Jordan, loves knives. He likes to look at them with me. When I got my Spyderco Wegner he wanted to see it. He gave it rave reviews. He said "the handles are soft" and when I showed him the blade he said "It has teeth!".

Anyway, while looking through his toybox I came across the first knife I bought him. It is a Fisher Price SAK. It has a plainedge blade, a saw, a ruler, a magnifying glass, and a wrench. It also has a pocket clip. I got it for him when he was almost 2. I am glad to see Fisher Price make a product like this that children can enjoy. Since we rediscovered it he wont put it down! He has been carrying it or has it clipped to his shorts all day.

My son, future knife knut!


That's great!

You have planted the seeds of interest in his young developing mind. Just be prepared to buy him some pretty expensive "toys" for Christmas as he gets older.

"But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip; and he that hath no sword let him sell his garment and buy one." -Jesus Christ (Luke 22:36) See John 3:15- 18

I have a first knife for my 7 year old daughter. She doesn't know it yet, I haven't given it to her.

It's a Simonich built Cetan ("Little Claw")with the little arrowhead filework on the back. ATS34 blade, G10 scales. It's her favorite knife. Everytime we go out to do yardwork or hunt, she asks, "Daddy, can I carry the little claw?"
Don't wait to start getting those gifts. A Y2K Talonite Simonich piece would make a great 18th birthday present come 2015


Dennis, I think it is a great idea for Dad to get his kids knives and teach them all of the imporant things a kids needs to know about a knife. This is a wonderful way to start a fun family tradition. A fun way that I have found to teach my kids about knife usage and safety, is for us to go out in the yard and do some whittling. Now everytime I turn around my kids are asking me if we can go out and whittle. My 7yr old little girl asks to whittle as much if not more then my two boys do. This is a fun family activity and some quality time for Dad to get to spend with the kids. Dennis good luck with the little knife collectors in your house hold.
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The first knives I gave my boys were called "Trim Trios". They came with bead chains and were intended to be used on (or as) key rings. Closed they were the size of small nail trimmer. One piece sheet metal handle and three blades (sub-2" sheeps-foot knife blade, screwdriver/bottle opener, and nail file). Adequate steel and maximally compact.

I would not give a young child a knife with a really hard alloy blade. They will probably scratch their initials on things and the harder the steel the more damage they can do. I would avoid a sharp point since it increases the chance of deep puncture wounds. I would never again leave a young child in the back seat of my new minivan with a knife, never, never, never... On the other hand, small self inflicted cuts are very educational so I give my kids small, very sharp knives.

The best thing you can give your children is love, trust, and respect. It helps them develop the ability to love, trust, and respect others and themselves.

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