My XLG Voyager Tanto(large folders)

Jan 9, 1999
Just took delivery this week of a CS Xlg Tanto Voyager lockback.(thanks Paul Lee) This is my first really BIG folder. I have had it for a couple of days now and even used it at work opening the requiste paper boxes and cutting open wrapped paper. My first overall impressions of the knife well were in a word, BIG. Although big it is not dispraportiante for its size for balance or carry in the pocket. It arrived razor sharp more so than other CS products I have purchased lately. The tanto point did have a substantial burr on it but that was easily removed and dressed with my Lansky Diamond hones. It is now as sharp as the main cutting edge. Took maybe 15 minutes max to get it that way. There is a very slight movement in the blade when opened only in the down position. All I do is sort of set the blade by pressing down on it with medium pressure and it seems to stay that way as long as the knife is deployed. The lock itself seems very strond especially on a knife this large. Good handle ergonmics with a slight blade heavy feel. It is kind of bitch to open though. The thumb studs are rather sharp which I will dehorn shortly, and really doesn't seem to be as quick into deployment as my smaller pocket folders. More than makes up for that in presentation.
I am surprised by how nice the grinds are done. They are all dead nuts with no wavers or uneveness at all. All in all very well made. More so than the 40 bucks I spent on it. It rides very comfortably in the pocket better than I thought it would. I believe this is because of the handle materials used.
The zytel, seems to be fairly strong but litewt. I did my standing paper bag cutting test and passed with flying colors. Very little movement in the bag when slashed at as it is sitting open on a table. The length of blade and handle ratio seems right too. Good balance and grippiness. Seems to me just a tad blade heavy which I like. Don't know how much use it will see but have always wanted a mega folder and now I have it and am very happy with it. When I get down to testing edge retention and ease of sharpening etc. I will post that too. Keep'em sharp
PS any feedback concerning the larger folders will be appreciated. thanks
I had the Gunsite folder a while ago, but I sent it back. It was too big to carry legally in my state. It as very sharp, but it was too big to carry. It was very sharp, but I didn't cut too much with it as I sent it back after a week and wanted to get a refund. Oh well. I think the 4" would prob be nicer, but i got a genesis 2 instead.
You bring up a good point Taz. I don't know if the 5" blade is legal to carry NYS. Anyone out there know if it is. thanks
XLG Voyagers are really neat in the hand, but way too big for me. Not only is it larger than I need for just about any task, but it pushes out of my pocket when I sit down.
I'm much happier with the LG voyager.
hi longbow,
I to have a XLG tanto voyager. I realy like
it ! it is big but it carries well.
I bring mine to work every day and hardly even notice it untill I need it. I think is because rhe handels are so slim.
I find it easy to sharpen on sharpmaker
but I still need practice with hand sharping on my diamond stones.
The only thing that concerns me about this knife is opening it in front of co-workers it's so large i think they will get wierd about it ,ya know?
alcs mine was real stiff at first but now it opes so fast it's scary(cool)
I hope you your voyager as much as i
enjoy mine!
dan wilson
I enjoyed reading your review, I too have been "learnig to love big folders"! I have been carrying a CS Large Tanto Voyager for a while and I really like the size. I thought the Medium , 3" blade, was a little small. It's 4" blade, OA closed 5 1/8". It's thin and real nice to carry, but I just ordered one with a clip non-serrated blade. I just can't get used to the serrations or the Tanto blade. I end up only using the tip edge! I know tantos are great for penetrating car hoods and armor, but I don't do much of that. I really like the security of the traditional lock!! I don't like liner-locks, they scare me, I would rather have no lock at all! (hope that doesn't get me in trouble here!!!) I will admit that liner locks are more elegent, but I prefer crude, but effective.
I also got a Vaquero Grande recently, speaking of large folders!!! I can get a 2 handed grip on it!!! It came with a Kydex clip on sheath and carries nicely knife down, and comes out easily when you want it to. It is a monster though and it's hard to figure out what to do with it. I finally decided it would be perfect for gutting and cutting the heads off King Salmon. I can't wait to try it!