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Neck Knife Cords

Oct 4, 1998
I just got an Emerson-Perrin LeGriffe from Brian at Discount Knives......good price, great service...excellent product!

Ultimate last ditch survival knife, IMHO.

But here's the question: Even though I replaced the neck-cord that came with it, and knotted a slip joint holding the Kydex sheath so if the knife is yanked too hard...it'll come undone...I'm still wearing a potential garrotte around MY NECK!

In an ultimate survival situation, I don't think I want anything around my neck that could potentially kill me!

What suggestions, advice, ideas are out there for *securely* wearing a neck knife without the cord being a potential killer.

My yuppie solution may be a thin gold or silver chain that may break first rather than taking me with it!

Typical yuppie customer, don't 'ya think?
I have been making and using Neck Knives since 1992. I have tried several different types of cord. What I finally settled for that was (a) soft and pliable (b) strong enough to not break on with drawing the knife but not so strong that it can't be broke (c) consistant in use, is about 30 inches of elk hide thong. By using 2 solid brass beads with holes that will slide for the adjustment of the hanging position. This thong can also be used for lashing the knive to a stick to make a spear, shoelace, or what ever you need in a survival situation. I have tried other types of leather but the fibers aren't as good as the elk. The elk does turn brown after a period of time (a couple of years) and will start to wear out.
This topic has come up several times in the past. One useful suggestion was to cut the paracord to the correct length and then melt the two ends together. That way there will be a weak point to fail if the cord is under tension.

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Don't worry that the world might end tomorrow....in Australia it's tomorrow already.

Dr. Shame, I was wondering where you've been! It's about time you got one, even if you didn't get an "original" Perrin Griffe.

By the way, I had the honor of meeting and spending time with "Raker" at the Blade show, and he is one fine gentleman. (As well as being a talented maker, IMHO.)

Not only did I purchase a lovely little damascus bladed neck knife from him (complete with kydex sheath and elkhide thong), but he was also kind enough to give Fred Perrin some wrought iron for forging when I introduced the two to each other.

I use the elkhide thong without fear of being strangled, but have replaced Fred's paracord with milspec ball chain on my griffes and subway bowie.

Welcome Raker, I hope you find this place as enjoyable as I have. It's certainly good to see you here.


Live Free or Die

Blues, et al......
Thanks for the excellent info...I'll try one of the suggestions, though it may be a little hard getting elk thongs in South Florida.

Would 'gator strips work the same way?

Blues, you musta had a great trip to Paris and gotten some neat sharp tools...can 'ya post the pics somewhere?

If not, it'll be a good excuse to see 'ya in person!

Thanks to all again for the help!
Between Paris and Atlanta (Blade Show)I count myself a very lucky boy.

(A little lighter in the wallet, too!)

Enjoy that neck knife, I'll be looking for it on the next broadcast!


Live Free or Die

I'd go with the ball chain also. It comes in different sizes, so you can pick what works best for you.
You also might try the lanyards that some companies use for ID badges (like you see at rock concerts and hospitals). My mom-in-law gave me one from her work that has a little clip at the business end, but half way up one side of the loop is a plastic hook shaped like an "8" only with one circle of it making a touching "u" shape. The cord locks in and let me tell you, it will leave one heck of a rope burn, but you WILL NOT strangle.
BTW, I carry my Outdoor Wedge on it, and it is comfortable and holds up great.

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hate to be the party pooper, but, for all you believers of "break-away" ball chains, put one around your neck, and pull. you need to exert an awful lot of force to break it, more than the average neck takes. plus, two chains that look and seem exactly alike have totally different breaking points.

IMO, if you value your neck, you pick something else.

Stay Sharp,
Joe S.

P.S.-watch out for the little circular bruises.
I think this is really a non-issue.

Most of your clothes if well constructed are strong enough to kill you.

But why not wear the knife under the armpit over the opposite shoulder?

Discreet, low profile and almost as accessible and non garrote qualifying

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I have used ball-chain before and it catches the hair on my chest and hangs up in the sheath . I took the chain and a piece of para-cord removed the innerstrands and slid the chain inside leaving the ends open to allow the clasp to be exposed so now the chain is covered/silenced and the ends are opened in case of someone using it to stop the air from getting in your lungs. I have also taken the clasp and opened it some to
make it easy to come apart if yanked on.
Hope this helps