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neck knives, whats the point??

Feb 24, 2000
i'm not sure what the point of neck knives are all the ones i've seen are either too big or to small, and wearing out side the shirt is looked down on in society and if it's under your shirt it's hard to get to why not just carry a "tac" folder??? any imput welcomed.
thanks STRI9
Sounds like you don't have any use for a neck knife. I don't on most days either, but when I am hunting, hiking or boating the neck knife is damn handy. I even have a neck sheath for a sydie delica that I use regularly. I could see a knife like the CRKT stiff kiss being appealing to LEO's. Strap it to your boot Monday-Friday, hang it around your neck while you camp Saturday-Sunday.

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If you can't see the point, you probably don't need one. As an LEO I've carried one daily for about the last five years, along with a folder. Great for a backup, and for me a convinient method of carry. I have numerous neck knives in various configurations for a variety of needs or missions. It is just a personal liking for this method of carry.

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Most of my neck knives come with a multi position sheath. Besides neck carry a loop can be added for IWB, traditional and horizontal cross draw. Neck knife sized knives are handy in any method of carry.

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Good Question !

The point is I want to be discreet on purpose and I want a backup that's accessible pronto when the %^&* goes down.
Also I can trap w/ my neck cord and imobilize the limb of the BG and climb up him/her to bargain or choke.

As a PPS, society especially People's Republic Of Kalifornia, it does'nt look good
when Entertainment Tonight catches a glimpse or shot of me w/ a Knife printing in my pants or pocket. Also, they are invaluable when transporting/traveling w/ principal(s) through Airports.

It's a conscoius choice w/ purpose and sound reasoning.

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A well designed neck knife is a very convenient tool for a workshop environment.

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aflatfoot, that is from The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, starring Humphry Bogart. A fine film, well worth renting some time.

Love Mel Brookes, though

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I have a Ray Kirk (Raker Knives) 52100 neck knife w/stag scales and it has a 3" blade. I love this custom, it is a backup for my folder. Lots of times when I don't want to get my folder into "messy" cutting, I'll just use my Raker "Lil Rank".
I wear mostly pull-over shirts and the knife is quick to get to and very handy. When I go fishing or hunting I can simply wear it outside my shirt. I wear it daily!!