Need advice on expandable batons

Jan 13, 1999
I'm going to sound like a total newbie here.

I got interested in batons after the dog defence thread. I've been looking at the ones in the forum store. Trouble is I've never held an expandable baton before and have no idea what I'm looking for.

Are these things automatic? Will they fit in front trouser pocket collapsed? Are they legal to carry in California? What are the best brands, and what are good qualities to look for in such a weapon?

Weeeeh! I said a mouthful. Hope I get some answers.

I live in California and they are not legal here !, nothing cool is legal here !!

The best ones are ASP, but I have seen the ones imported by WOW at the blade show and they look good.

Good luck, and hit a crook over the head for me if you get one !

ASPs are certainly very good (much better than the many charming cheapies that abound at flea markets), but I prefer the Monadnock products myself. They seem to lock up more reliably and seem stronger to me.

There are spring-loaded "automatics" available, but the ones I've seen fall into the "charming cheapie" category. The Monadnock and ASP products open by centrifugal force.

They come in various sizes. Some will fit in a pant pocket.

Laws vary from state to state and even within states from community to community.

As with any weapon, buying the thing and putting it in your pocket will do you very little good. You need quality training and lots of practice.


Regarding California, if you are not employed as an LEO or a security guard, simple possession of a "billy" (not defined in the statute) may be prosecuted as a misdemeanor or a felony, at the discretion of the DA. Section 12020 of the CA Penal Code.

The best ones are made by ASP and Manadnock.


The ones we carry at WOW and which appear in the BF Store are imported from Taiwan and like many things imported from Taiwan they are pretty good batons. I have not any problems with these and I for one can not justify the cost difference between them and ASP or Manadnock. In fact they are so good I have a lifetime warranty on them and now they fall under my Dragon Forge line of products.

Also these are not to be confused with the one ASP is suing people over.

ASP has a lightweigh series I like if you plan to carry them all the time.

If you want to order one of the DF models you can and if you do not like it for any reason we will take it back for a 100% refund.

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ASPs are the best. Most police departments around me who use expandable batons, including my department, issue ASPs.

I've played with an ASP and let's just say it makes a VERY disconcerting sound when employed. The sound itself is like pumping a shotgun almost, and I would suspect justthe sound may cause bad guys to think twice before attacking. That said, please don't go around hitting dogs with these things...

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I would personally recommend using a good pepper spray on dogs. It will be very effective and it will not permanently harm the dog.

Try and get Muzzle which is specifically formulated for dogs. Also check out the dog bite stories for education.

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Great site for information on dog bite injuries. Links to other sources are also good. One note of caution, Mace or other sprays probable will not be effective in all cases. Even with a club or gun, you might stop the attack, but the legal problems AGAINST YOU may be costly.
Prevention is the best cure. Great thread.
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What? Another knife? Don't you have enough of those things already?
How many does one person need?
Problem's with dogs??? Just kick the $hit outta that puppy!!! I have considered a baton too, but I know a cop would look down on me for carrting one in my truck. -AR

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