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Need Advice

Jun 25, 1999
Have been carrying pocket knives since I was six but had no idea the quality of knives that are available or that so many others were so passionate about knives. I have about 30 knives, but mostly cheapies except for a Cold Steel Voyager and a Camillus Lever Lock. Am looking for a knife less than 3.5"; most important features are usefullness, sharpness and then looks. Any suggestions? Price range under $200.
I would take a look at some of the smaller spydercos. Great knives with excellent customer service. Their knives are top notch with a focus on functionality. They are well known for their sharpness out the box.
Thanks for the advice - I'll check them out. I just checked out a Microtech MUDT. I like its looks and size. Any knowledge of this knife?
MUDT is an awesome knife but for about the same money you can get a Mini SOCOM auto which I prefer over the MUDT as it has a better handle shape and bigger blade. YMMV
William Henry CF Spearpoint or Lancet. For another $50.00, you could get one with a choice of handle styles as well.

Sharpness out of the box is nice I suppose, but I'd not suggest it as a very high criterion. One can always sharpen it. It's going to need that sort of thing before very long anyhow.
There are custom knives within your $200 range if you'd like to have something all the rest of the guys don't.
Sort of depends on what you intend to do with this tool as to what one might suggest, but I'm not a fan of anything with serrations if you ever intend to actually use if like a knife -- as in for whittling or paring an apple.

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Consider, please, the Benchmade AFCK mini. It's an all-around nice knife and you can buy two within your buget and still have change.

Why not buy one and have some custom maker change the skins for you or maybe put some nice file work on the spine?

You didn't mention whether you were stuck on folders, but if you're not. Check out the brand new Fallkniven WM1 fixed blade knife. See James Mattis' "first impressions" in the Review section. MSRP is $74 US.

Comes with a nice leather sheath which allows for in-pocket carry while hanging from your belt.

If you are looking at fixed blade pocket carry then I suggest taking a serious gander at Sean Perkins' knives at <a href= "http://www.perkinsknives.com"> this link</a>. For factory folders, you cannot beat Spyderco for quality and their warranty/customer service dept. I would look at the Calypso Jr. for starters, but they have many great small knives.
For a custom folder, I would talk to Mel Sorg at Madpoet Custom Knives. super reasonably priced and quality is superb. Click <a href= "http://www.angelfire.com/mn/madpoet"> here</a> to see some pics. He makes a friction folder and also a new lockback. Full custom options. Those are my bug three votes. There are tons more good knives in your price range, but this gives you a place to start.

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I've never handled these knives, but I have seen Newt Livesay's neck knives on his website, members.tripod.com/~Newt_Livesay/index.html.
Some of his designs look pretty nice and his neck knives are pretty cheap if you're interested. Reviews of his knives can be seen at www.netservers.com/~randall/index.html. Hope this helps

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Get something with a new locking device. A mini-Axis lock, or a REKAT maybe. You'll be happy with either.

I second StJames's post, you might say I really like the William Henry knives? You'd be right. They are a classy line and very sharp and seem to keep an edge.

<A href="www.williamhenryknives.com/">William Henry Knives</A>

Take a look and see for your self.

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For the money and selection, you cannot beat Spyderco. The only others that I would consider are the BenchMade Axis locks (I was looking at them yesterday at CK&T's Springfield Mall store). They are some solid and they come in a variety of sizes. I would also suggest REKAT's Rolling Lock. I have one and it, too, is solid as a lock could be. They, however, do not have the selection of sizes.

My choice in a quality knife around 3.5" would be: Spyderco Blackhawk, a BF Native by Spyderco(call Mike Turber), a Spydie Wegner Clipit, and the Spyderco/Terzuola StarMate Clipit(I saw one yesterday, and it is very nice).

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